July 12, 2011

* Back with Nina ..

OMG it feels so good to have a brush in my hand again.  I could feel I needed to get back to some painting.

I went with a blank canvas, however I did have ideas whirling in the wind storms of my brain.  After taking the intuitive painting class this winter, I wanted to expand on a couple of the paintings which had surfaced then.  What I knew was this.  I wanted to paint a woman, wrapped in a shawl and or with flowers surrounding her face.  She would be holding her heart.  More than that I did not know.  She appeared quickly on the canvas and I have her blocked in.  More or less what I want, although details will be revealed as I continue I'm sure.

“The heart is the only broken instrument that works.” T. E. Kalem


  1. Love your painting, and the subtle way it seems to be lit up from in front. Glad you managed to start again! Looking forward to seeing the continued progress now. Take care, and have a good day, Valerie

  2. I really like this piece....

    In Artistic Solidarity;

  3. Oh Donna, I just had to drop by today. I really, really like your portrait piece. You have come a long way with your painting and I'm delighted Nina is back and you are taking another class. This one is your best yet and will improve even more as you complete it. How large is the canvas?

    Now I'm off to wash the kitchen window and clean the stove. I'd much rather be playing.


  4. an amazing start, donna! i cannot paint like that at all. i'm so glad you got back to class!! ; ^)

  5. Donna, this is so lovely! Some of my other artist friends also speak of the images in their heads that have to get out. This is a gift that I so admire and envy, really. I would have no confidence that any image in my head could be translated through a paintbrush! Excited to see where this one goes....

  6. Fabulous painting...dear Donna you should do more, it is very expressive! take care dearie, gerri