July 1, 2011

* A great mail week ...

As I mentioned yesterday, I received the three books from Lenna's Little Book Swap.  Such a treat.  Everyone (and there were nearly sixty contributions) put a lot of love and a lot of effort into each book.  They were all incredible.  Here are the books I received.  By the way, Lenna just listed two more swaps.  Be sure and have a look, they are always such fun.

This is Janet's book.  I fell in love with the two little frogs.  The graphics in this little book are wonderful.  These frogs can't help but make a person chuckle!
Valerie, my blogging friend from Germany made this little gem.  Each page is different and just as beautiful.  I love it.
Bobbie made this wonderful accordion book.  More than a plain accordion book, each page is folded, as you can see in the first photograph. Looks complicated.  The colours and the paper are beautiful.  Inside there is room in on each page for something special ... hmmm.  I'll have to put some thought in this. 
Artists rarely send these books out alone, unaccompanied.  They are most often beautiful wrapped, with some lovely little enclosures like tags, or a quote, or a little card, a beautiful little organza bag and even a miniature close pin with a lady bug on it.  These artists are a special group.  It would have been so much fun to be able to get them all together and have a show.  The talent assembled is palpable.

I wanted to say a special thank you to Janet, Valerie and Bobby.  These books will now be my little treasures.

As an aside, I'm going to mention the blog of Donna Meyer again today.  The name of her blog is 365: Make a Book a Day.  Anyone interested in making books will find her blog most interesting and a wealth of information.

The same day, after a good month in the mail (who knows where, really), Valeries' envelope of goodies arrived from Germany.  No reason for this gift.  Just a lovely gesture from a generous woman to a blogging friend in Mexico.  Thank you Valerie.

Let's begin with the envelope.  A work of art in itself.  Valerie does spectacular mail art, and this is no exception.

It traveled a long way and obviously got sidelined somewhere.  Such a fun piece of mail art.
The contents was wrapped in wonderful hand stamped tissue paper, and lots of ribbon.  This bag of jewels will be great fun to add to my stash.
I think Valerie has a real style of her own.  I call her the "Queen of Tags" .. love this one.  The little book is absolutely jam packed with details, colour and wonderful graphic elements.
A great accordion book, covers finished and blank inside so I can play.  She included some wonderful elements to inspire me.
This is the card Valerie made me.  I am in LOVE with this little bird!  She makes me laugh and smile and everything in between. The detail is marvelous.  She even has a small seed bead for her eye. Completely charming, don't you think?
Thanks for stopping by.  Do it again soon.  :o)

A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.
~Maya Angelou


  1. I wish my little birdies could tell where they were these past weeks! But you are very welcome, Donna. Enjoy your things, your little books, and get working on the one you have to fill out yourself - homework! Havea great day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Hi Donna , beautiful gifts from lovely friends. Valerie's work is so special and she is such a lovely lady with a heart of gold and a wicked sense of humour ! Love that bird too perfect. Hope you having a wonderful weekend.


  3. wow...great mail day, Donna. Your books from the swap are awesome, all so different and beautiful in their own right. How marvelous for you to receive one of Valerie's books being good blogging friends.

    I agree about Valerie being Queen of Tags. I have never seen so many stunning tags on one blog.

    You are a special person and your followers know it and treat you well. That's the way it should be in return for all that you give to us.


  4. Incredible mail week. Such wonderful gifts for a special soul...you!

  5. Those little books are lovely! That colorful folded one is just so intriguing...I'm curious how it was done. So glad that mail did not get completely lost, just way-laid for awhile. It's chock full of goodness! Have yourself some fun. Not that you need to be told to do that.

  6. Oh yeah... that blackbird... too funny! All personality in the floral dress.

  7. What a fabulous collection. I love the bird card and all of the colour, so uplifting.

  8. Dear Donna,
    What a lovely post. So nice to see the books you received in the swap displayed and talked about-thank you! What a glorious mail day all around!
    : ) lenna