July 16, 2011

* My Little Love Birds

Today, while I painted, my little Love Birds (Doves) sat on the railing outside the studio, huddled up and puffed out like it was -40 degrees.  It was windy, but not cold.  The entire time I painted, they looked in on me, content to watch and be together.  At some point, the light was not good and I closed the curtain.  When I went to leave, I peaked out with my camera in hand.  They had turned the other way.  Nothing interesting to watch inside.

You can see what a delightful pair they are!
I painted for a couple of hours this afternoon.  My Goddess is changing.  She is becoming what I see in my head.  Certainly, not 'real' .. more of an illustration.  I have not painted this way before, so it's all very experimental.  We will see how she turns out.  Here's where I left her today.  It was very difficult to get a good shot because I'm painting in oils and there seemed to be a glare no matter where I stood.  The paint is still wet.

I'm going to take a little break for the summer. Won't be seeing so much of you.  I'll still be around, but not on such a regular basis.  Things to do, issues to get cleared up.  I'll be back in September.  In the meantime ... see you now and then.  Thanks so much for dropping by.  I love visiting all your wonderful blogs.  I'll keep you posted with this painting.
Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.  ~Ovid


  1. Hi Donna, love your painting, she is wonderful, and those little birds are so tweet, too! But how can you leave us for sooooooooooooo long? I will miss you very much. Coma back soon! Hugs, Valerie

  2. I love your quote, I think it is a message to me.

    What beauty you create, and I see even the birds admire you :D

  3. Enjoy your rest.......so glad you are listening to your spirit, and taking care of yourself....Be well.

  4. Your painting (this one & others) is truly amazing, Donna. It seems to have a spirit within that you are bringing out -- and that is what I find amazing. I hope you do come back and update us on your painting or anything else when you feel like it, as I know many of your readers would welcome that! I did truly miss you yesterday. I had become accustomed to a daily post from Donna!!
    But I also know what it feels like to not want to HAVE to post daily. For me it works best if I continue what ever I am doing on a daily basis (art, photography, whatever) but only post about it, catching up if I like, when I want to. This was a huge relief for me and I am much happier now.
    So, take a break, recharge, and return to a rhythm that suits YOU. xo lenna

  5. Oh Donna will miss you, just getting to know you ......well will have to wait until September. Beautiful painting such extraordinary work, sublime, beautiful........untill September then.

    Oh loved the doves wasn't that funny oh and your craft until your daft quote..... see you can't go away what will we do ??



  6. dear Donna,
    Such an expressive painting. Love yr little love birds too. Enjoy your time off and good luck in getting everything all tied up. We'll all be thinking of you and missing you too. take care, gerri

  7. Oh I love your birds. So glad they visit you. Your painting is intriguing. I knew you were feeling a change within. I am too and I too won't be around so much for awhile. We have company and then there are holidays and on and on life goes. Sorry I haven't gotten back to your email. I am hoping to send some "organizing" photos. I thing of you often..hugs..Donna by the bay.