July 11, 2011

Nicho Play Day

Wendy came over to play today and you know what that means!  We made NICHOS.  Wendy rolled up in her car around noon with half her studio on board, hauled it up upstairs, arranged herself comfortably at the table, and asked the burning question.  "Which nicho am I going to work on today?"

I looked at what she had unpacked from her 'luggage'.  A pile of about ten nichos lay in front of her.  It made me smile.

And so the afternoon slipped by.  About 3:30 we took a break and went out for a wonderful fish dinner.  Then back to work.  We worked straight through quite a spectacular thunder storm.  Well, I didn't.  I held Habibi, who was shaking uncontrolably.  Wendy rocked on and made Nicho #2, which I forgot to get a photograph of.  Here's the first ones we made though.  They will have to do for today.

"Ode to Frida"  My attempt to use images of Frida in an iconic way.  Overall, I was pleased with the attempt.  She will hang on my wall.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  We will chat later.  xx

No one else but you can make your marks. Listen to your bones. Speak with your spirit. Edit with your head. Live with your heart. ~ Susan Holland


  1. Love your nichos, as always, It makes me really jealous when I see you playing with your nichos! Have a great day today! Hugs,

  2. Those are great, thanks fo rsharing your amazing art work.

  3. Oh I want to come to a NICHO party at your house! They are so wondrous, love them all, but Frida is my favorite! The quote is perfect for artists...thank you...xx jane

  4. Wonderful nicho day! So glad you have a great friend that comes by and plays with you! Poor little puppy with the thunderstorm, Im sure he was happy to be held by you. thanks for coming to see me .take care dearie, gerri

  5. Wow what a fun day. Love all those nichos. I was thinking of you when I was using the moving forward stamp. And me too....hugs..Donna

  6. So beautiful, Donna and Wendy.

    You two have a great time together and it is fun to see your finished nichos.


  7. Donna, I think your friend Wendy looks like fun! And I know she is a good creative influence, wow! She creates many wonderful pieces and she has a wonderful smile.

    But I must tell you I am blown away by your nicho. You definitely made Frida Kalo look iconic and in a good way! I do not always go for images of her and yet your nicho I really, really like. Excellent! i look forward to seeing it on your wall ; ) you go! That seems to me, to be a special nicho. xo lenna

  8. These are great! And thanks for some inspiration with mine! Where is this summer going? zooom! take care dear Donna!

  9. Love your these nichos! Your Frida definitely needs to be displayed - I love the images in the background. It is wonderful when a friend arrives with the whole project on board! Sounds like a wonderful day, except for the storm. Hugs - Rhonda