July 14, 2011

* Night time activities ..

How's a girl supposed to get any rest?  Got up to go to the loo ... on the way back to bed see huge body of cock roach (I'm talking two inches here) walking across floor ... my instinct is to kill.  Turn to fetch my shoe.  When I look back, roachie is Gone.  Consequently, a roach hunt.  Finally spotted him.    Shoe in hand ..  smash to death.  I'm obsessed ... smash smash smash!!  Relief!  Huge sigh!  Can go to bed now, and sleep peacefully.  Suddenly I spy huge antenna waving and wiggling from atop the piece of wood which holds the curtains.  OH NO!  New strategy. Quick instincts.  Grab the raid, grab the little stool.  Sneak forward, climb up and PPPPHHJSSSSSSSSHSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHH  --- Raid everywhere, including into my lungs.  I don't care.  Can no longer see huge antenna ... more raid PPPHSHSHSSHHHHHHHHHSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHH ---- huge wriggling body falls on to floor.  Grab shoe ...... smash smash smash.  I am driven ... one more smash for good luck.  Next I'm on body pick up and flush duty.  SHSSEEEESH!  THEN ..... some other little bouncy creature bounds out of the corner.  More raid, more smashing!  It's like the killing fields over here.  I'm wide awake the adrenalin pounding through my veins.  Ain't life grand.  Hope you are sleeping peacefully.


    I would not survive that! I get hysterical when a night moth flutters in! You were very heroic, but raid is really poisonous, so be careful - smashing is probably healthier even if it is horrible! As long as you don't start painting the beasties! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Oh gosh, I can relate...the goofiest things keep me awake at night...last night it was too much wine consumed on a small picnic at the beach with a girlfriend...it was lovely though, and a much better reason to be awake than BUGS! Have yourself a nap today! jane

  3. Gak!! They need to relocate... outside.

  4. WOW - I'm sure I could not sleep after that either!!! Much lesser things have kept me awake! Just the thought that even after all that killing, there might still be one alive......oooooo.... on the positive side, it does make a rather hilarious story - especially picturing you in attack mode, shoe in hand..... still smiling I'm afraid!

  5. oh donna, what a story. I know a little what you are talking about . . . since moving to Florida I do see cockroaches a lot more than i ever saw them up north in CT. Here they also get to be about 2 inches long, yuck. We got some little bait boxes and put them in the cupboards where we saw them. They are hard to catch. I usually try to grab a paper towel and scoop them up & squish them, double yuck!!!!!! I do not like them at all. I think we have to accept them in our climate. I hope you got some sleep and please be careful with the raid!
    xo lenna

  6. gross, gross, double gross.
    And I am whining about the clouds of mosquitoes circling over my head!
    Anyway Donna, all I can say is you go get 'em girl..hugs.

  7. gross, gross, double gross.
    And here I sit whining about the clouds of mosquitoes circling my head...at least they aren't crawling out of cupboards in the middle of the night!
    All I can say is you go get'em Donna! hugs!

  8. Oh I know I shouldn't laugh but I can't help myself I have been in this situation so so many times and the little buggers are so big ! I mean huge . Luckily the bug man has come up with a little gel thing that is hidden in various places and they guarantee bug freedom for a year ......it's been 3mths and all clear thank god.