July 25, 2011

* Play Day Monday

Had a lovely day at home.  Pat arrived shortly after 12:00 noon with incredible sandwiches from the Bibliotecha, so we enjoyed our lunch on the terrace before venturing up to the studio.

Pat particularly wanted to make a card for her friend, which I forgot to take a photo of.  It was quite dramatic with a black and white Japanese print on black cardstock - then a small plate underneath, also black which we stamped with words in opaque white ink.  Rounded all corners .. and voila.  A gorgeous card.

Then we decided to have some fun.  Pat had a couple of magazine photographs of paintings ... perhaps New York.  We each picked one and went to work with the materials which were already on the table.  Hand made papers, inks, alphabet and number stamps.  Pat was quite perplexed so I asked her to ask her card what it wanted.  She immediately replied she felt like making black marks across the page.  I handed her a black marker.  Free hand or straight?, I asked.  Straight.  I handed her the ruler.  Then she was off on her own having fun and being free with it.  Here are the final results.

This was fun.  I just kept ripping pieces of different papers, ripping the painting, and putting it on the card.  It did stamp some numbers, the most prominent of which are 9 and 5.  The painting is of busy streets.  Subconsciously, I chose the hours of work.  Interesting I thought.  Didn't notice it until I was finished the collage.
 It was almost dinner time when Pat left.  Habibi and I had our din din and then Wendy came over for tea.  She's leaving for a month to go back to the States for a little holiday.  This morning I have my class with Nina.  Going there once a week keeps me focused, keeps me going, keeps me painting.  It's a good thing.

 “I feel there are two people inside me - me and my intuition. If I go against her, she'll screw me every time, and if I follow her, we get along quite nicely.” Kim Basinger


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely day, and the results of your work show it! I am sure that intuition is very important when being creative, and it is good when it is allowed to flow.
    Have a great day today, take care, and enjoy your lesson with Nina! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Great day. Just love you piece today with the ripped city scape and then that red paper. Love it so much..take care, gerri

  3. YEA, if I remember correctly a year ago today you were taking a class with Nina and then again today -- WHAT A FANTASTIC GIFT FOR SELF!


  4. Sounds like you had a great day with your friend Pat. For some reason I am not getting your blogs as you post. So I just need to remember to visit as I love your artwork, etc.

  5. I love the idea of taking the magazine pictures and ripping them. It is so great how you helped pat to move forward with the project. Your questions were brilliant and just think, you can ask them of yourself too! It is so very good to play and let your intuition take you by the hand when creating. I think I must do that all the time. So glad you are going to painting class today -whoo hoo! xo lenna

  6. What a wonderful creative day you both had and are errant in your beautiful cards I must listen more to my inner self. Is this you holding the card up or your friend , Just like to have a picture in my mind.