July 2, 2011

* Sweet Valerie in Dusseldorf ...

Sweet Valerie in Dusseldorf on the beautiful Rhine awarded me 'The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award'.   Oh Valerie ... THANKS!

Now I have to tell you my secrets.  Eight things about myself ... let me see now ...

1.  When I was born, they got me switched with another girl child.  I didn't meet my parents for two days.

2.  Often appreciate my gourmet cooking classes in Paris in the 60's.  I still enjoy cooking a beautiful meal and eating it alone.  I actually quite enjoy eating in silence with good music on.  (Old habits from my days at the Ashram)

3. There is a little spirit house situated along the old road to Mandalay.  (Now what's it called?)  Spent a wonderful night there once.  One of my favorite memories of all time.

4.  Can't stop reading Science Fiction.  Hooked, addicted.

5.  Longed to study science and physics at Cambridge.  Had a scholarship.  Parents said it was not a suitable field for a woman.

6.  Hiked the West Coast Trail, not once, but twice, back to back.

7.  When hitch hiking from London to Glasgow in '69, Prince Phillip picked me up in his Rolls.  He often picked up hitch hikers in those days.

8.  Unfortunately, I'm in a very mischievous mood ... none of the above are true.  I know!  I am a naughty girl ... but what can one do.

So Valerie, dear Lady, Thank You So Much For the Honour.  I know I have 'played' with it, however it does not lessen the significances of your intention and my acceptance of a lovely gift from a friend. 

Truth is beautiful, without doubt; but so are lies. --Ralph Waldo Emerson  (ha ha)


  1. I loved your stories - well spun - well done! But I wouldn't have got it a car with Prince Philip!
    Have a lovely day, take care, and have fun, whatever you are doing, keep your knee rested, too! Hugs from cold and windy Kaiserswerth! Valerie

  2. What a hoot! You cracked me up, looked the Prine Philip story! thanks for visiting me today.take care dearie, gerri

  3. Giggle, giggle, giggle.

    You had me there for a minute.