August 8, 2011

* An Elizabethan Moment

I've had an Elizabethan moment.  Oh, I've always, since I can remember been fascinated with the time period.  Elizabeth's father, Henry, all his wives, Mary Queen of Scots, her cousin ... all the intrigue.   Living in London, I sought out Elizabethan places to explore.  As you know, Hampton Court was a favorite of mine.  The costuming of the period is also tremendously interesting.  All those high ruffled collars.  Can you imagine wearing one?  The tight bodices and the bejeweled hair doos.  Costumes (fashion) from most eras fascinate me, but Elizabethan times seems to hold a special pull.  I've read a lot about it.  Wouldn't want to have lived then, but find it absolutely fascinating.

Together with my iconic women, there are a few Elizabethan women floating around in my head.  Today I blocked one out on canvas.  Only the beginning.  Have no idea where I'm going with this.  We will see.  Here is the 'first draft'.

First block in.

Thanks for dropping in. Hope you have a great day. 

There is a feeling of Elizabethan, and there's a feeling of timelessness. My desire is to make the past present, that it speaks to us today. A feeling of ancient ancestors who court and woo each other, so that it's kind of transparent and the audience can enter into this.
~ Dean Gilmour

(if I ever was good enough, it would be lovely to have a painting do that, wouldn't it?)


  1. The painting is lovely, I can understand your fascination with those times. The rich people certainly had wonderful clothes and jewels, but <i think they must have all smelled awful, as they never seemed to wash. Queen Elizabeth coined the phrase *I will take a bath one a month, whether I need it or not!* Have a lovely day, and looking forward to seeing more of your painting, Hugs, Valerie

  2. Wow Donna am I impressed. I can't draw but can do a lot of other things. Outstanding. I thought you were the one I had visited before. Enjoy

  3. Donna, I would say your "first draft" is amazing. How long have you been painting faces and people??? This is something I have never done so your work is especially fascinating to me. You just whip them out, or at least it seems that way to me!!!!!
    Love what you are doing -the patterns in her dress, the color, the heart shaped hair on her forehead. love it!

  4. Hi Donna, first draft you say my goodness looks finished to me ! am looking forward to seeing your progress not that it needs any as far as i am concearned. Can't imagine living in those itchy times what with the wigs and the scratchy clothes and the no bathing !!

  5. Hi! I wanted to tell you that you made my day with your lovely note on my blog. I really loved Kat's project and hope we can do it again. I've met the best people through that swap!

    Ironic that I'm an anglophile and I open your log to find Elizabethan! Perfect. Love your work and your vibrant palette. Of course, I had to subscribe !

  6. Your work is incredible. I love it when I see that you have posted something as I know it will be great. Have a great evening.

  7. Oh wow, Donna, you are off to a fantastic start on this painting. I also love this period of history. It is indeed fascinating. I can't imagine wearing all of the bulky clothes.