August 11, 2011

* Erosion Bundle Art and the Elizabethan Lady

Finally, I got all the bits and pieces together from my erosion bundle, had a good look at it, and decided it was time.  Time to either chuck it, or do something.  After some thought, and sorting through the pile, I did come up with an idea and began the project today.  I should be finished by next week, so I'll keep you in suspense until then. :o)

My Elizabethan Lady and I are somewhat at odds with each other.  It's sort of crazy making trying to paint or draw people without a model.  I'm not sure why I do it.  Sometimes, I'm nearly driven to distraction, trying to figure out how much of their hair I would see from this angle, how much of the side of their face would show and how much would disappear on the other side.  Like I said, it can drive me a little loonie.  (don't say it!)

She's going to have jewels in her hair.  I have moved them umpteen times, and now her head is getting poka dots.  Also having a challenge with her eyes.  It's the angle her head is at .. and I know her left eye is -- well let's just say it's wonky.  I know if Nina saw her she would say she doesn't look real.  WELL, I don't particularly want her to look real.  I like those big black unreal looking eyes, thank you very much.  So, I shall keep trying, experimenting, playing and hopefully she will end up on the wall, not in the bin.

Lenna commented that she liked the pattern of her dress.  Secret:  It's a stencil.  Sort of a huge flourish.  I thought it would be fun to try and make her dress.  Her right shoulder needs to be lifted just a tad, however, I like it and using different colours of paints as I moved the portion of the stencil I was using was fun.  One has to keep ones creative life interesting!  

So, my lovelies, hope you had a great week.  The weekend is upon us.  May it be a wonderful relaxing time for all of us.  Take care, and again, I so love it when you drop in.  xxoo

Try a thing you haven’t done three times. Once, to get over the fear of doing it. Twice, to learn how to do it. And a third time, to figure out whether you like it or not.  ~ Virgil Garnett Thomson


  1. Just wrote a long comment and it disappeared. So hear in short form. I LIKE HER!! And if you like her, too, then all's right with the world, Have a great day hugs, Valerie

  2. I love her, Donna! :) She is beautiful and I prefer whimsical faces, too. :)

  3. I just looked at the photo and thought how much I like her dress pattern. Scrolled down and there was your note that Lenna had also commented on the same. Look foward to seeing her "be-jeweled". And to the erosion bundle results.

  4. great quote, Donna, it made me laugh! And, your woman . . . you may think critically that she doesn't look real because of her eyes, but to me when I look at her I see light and life! And I bet those so called polka dots of hair jewelry might morph into something more under your capable hands. To me, she is stunning. I just know she is not done yet! I lOveLoVe Love the use of the stencils. xo lenna

  5. Hi Donna, i think she is grand. Fabulous hair its so striking. I love her face too.
    ps if you want a collage image freebie, i created one just for my followers to grab on my fun friday at Dezinaworld blog. Just pop by and help yourself :)

  6. Donna, your Elizabeth looks happier today. She must like the added jewels. Don't we all.

    More yard work today for me but look forward to a nice weekend and wish the same for you.


  7. She is coming along so lovely! I'm w/ you on things not looking TOO real! You are becoming quite the painter there miss Donna! And I hope you don't chuck that erosion bundle stuff---can't wait to see what you create! You could always just paint on it. :0)

  8. Hi Donna, thanks so much for your email - it's really lovely to hear from you! Can't find your emai address as the email was from no-rply, so i thought I'd post it here. Thanks so much for your compliments - I'm new to blogging so it's great to have posiitve feedback - I really appreciate that! What fun that you're also doing the Sketcbook project- I'd love to see your sketchbook when you get going!
    Bigs hugs and lots of sunshine from Spain xx

  9. What's real anyway ! I love her , stencils polka dots high shoulder, never noticed any of them ,! just saw something I like to look at. you are a mad crazy woman and I love you.,