August 7, 2011

Feeling like the world is CRASHING around you?

Visiting because you have popped over from 'The Butterfly Effect'?  Scroll down  and please read the paragraphs above and below My Lady.  They talk to me as I paint them. xxoo

Feeling Better Yet?  This certainly revived me.  Trust the Brits!  Good stuff, in a world with far too much gloom and doom.  Did I tell you I gave up the news and television?  News about two years ago, television when I came to Mexico.  I don't feel like I'm missing a thing.  After all, I know the stock market is crashing don't I?  What else does one need to really know.  (tongue in cheek of course)  The grape vine is still in business and if I do feel out of touch I check computer headlines.  Most of the time, that's as far as I have to go to have my curiosity satisfied.  Frankly, I'd much rather be doing something much more FUN!

On that note, I finished my next Iconic Lady yesterday. She was very demanding ... I want more of this, I want that.  I've got her up on the fireplace at the moment, and she is asking for more dark in her wings!  Other than that, I think she is finished.  Acrylics were the order of the day for this painting.  A challenge for me, especially being in the high and dry desert where the air sucks the moisture out of everything in seconds.  At one point my critic returned from extended leave and tried to ruin my day.  I ushered him out the door.  (don't know how the little sucker got in, I had the locks changed!).  After that is was patience and working through the process of learning to blend and work with acrylics.  As you know, as we do, so we learn.  I'll keep at it for awhile.  Here she is.  Her big debut.

"Shepherd of My Soul"
As you know, these iconic women talk to me as I paint.  Telling me what they have brought with them and how they would like to look like.  "Shepherd of my Soul" has indicated she is here to 'be' with me.  She brings me happiness and light (the sun over her right shoulder), and much abundance in many things (represented by the apple and the 'bale of cotton' I had to turn into a few sprigs.  As I told her ... how is she supposed to carry around a bale of cotton for the rest of her days!  She agreed. She told me the flowers which grow permanently around her represent new growth and the potential I carry with me.  Always the potential to learn more, to move forward and to live my best life.   Much to my surprise the other day, she presented me with wings.  Wings to fly.  Wings to reach my full potential.  Wings to become exactly what I am meant to become. Wings so I would no longer be afraid I might not become 'airborne' when I take the leap of faith.  I was shocked.  She is a guardian angel.

Did I mentioned I was not too happy with the smaller canvas I had chosen.  Ironically, she fits perfectly on my fireplace chimney.  I had been looking for a piece of art for this place. 

Now, I had better do some work on "Sunday Afternoon" before Nina shows up on Tuesday and it still looks the same!  

What creative wonders are you getting up to today.  Thanks so much for stopping by, for taking time out of your busy day just for me!  I like that thought.  It makes my heart sing.  And remember, when readying ourselves to receive, allow a lovely huge big space so we are able to receive the MAX.  xxoo  (I know, I know, I'm having challenges with that one too, however, I must say I am improving comparatively speaking.)

When you come looking for sugar,
your bag will be examined
to see how much it can hold;
it will be filled accordingly.  ~ Rumi


  1. Love your painting, your lady is just beautiful! I am sure you will enjoy each other's company! And the news video - yesssssssssssss, it's better to read books, they have stories which end. Have a lovely day, and take care f yourself, Valerie

  2. This is amazing! You know its your iconic women that speak to me. So much power and color!take care,gerri

  3. LOVEd the video! Thank you for giving me a song and dance start to my day!

  4. donna, i cannot believe the changes in her (your painting) since I last stopped by, wow whee kazowee. She is very strong and beautiful and I am truly loving watching you paint these iconic women images? Is that the right way to say it? Anyway, she is stunning. And how "just the way it should be" that she fits right where you needed her. I am very glad to here you kicked that critic out!!!
    p.s. we do not have television either and no newspapers really either. Steven gets his news fix on the web, I prefer to just hear bits here and there and leave it at that. I agree with you whole hearedly. love,lenna

  5. Your painting is absolutely beautiful. What talent you have. When I watched the video, my first thought was "garbage in, garbage out". So true. I admire you for the no tv as I have always felt it was depressing to watch the news or a lot of the programs for that matter. Hope you have a great day.

  6. dear donna, I just got to watch the video "bring me sunshine" by the jives aces and I cannot thank you enough! Love it sooooo very much. It is right in tune with how I feel. Would you mind if i also shared it on my blog sometimes this week? Thank you for sharing it, what a bright spot! xo lenna

  7. Donna, she has a big heart just like you! She is lovely in every way.


  8. Donna what a masterpiece. How rich and radiant she became I would never imagined her to be just so vibrant newspapers and beautiful although there where hints along the way. Don't watch TV read newspapers and hear it all by accident and prefer it this way.


  9. This was beautiful to read this morning. :) Your paintings bring you such lovely messages and you're kind to share them with us.

    I don't watch tv either. I get everything I want from the internet. And I was never into the news. I see the headlines when my hubby is checking them out and that's as far as I'll go. :)

  10. lovely awesome painting. i admire the colors that you use.

    acrylics are not always my friend, and i bet you have lots of problems with them in the dry air, but your work turned out great!

    thank you for the very nice post also.


  11. What a fantastically spiritual piece!! Thank you for sharing, she is sooooo beautiful!! :D XXX