August 30, 2011

* It's a lovely day in the neighbourhood

I don't seem to sleep much anymore.  At least not through the entire night.  I've just given in.  I usually get up and do something.  Last night was one of those nights, so I was up and running about 4:30 am.  That makes it an early morning in the studio, although I usually wait 'til it's light to go up.  I got an early start with My Lady of Broken Hearts.   Still more work do be done however, she is evolving.

I haven't done any work on her hand.  That will be next.

You will notice there are little hearts growing on the vines.  I wonder if she grows new ones.  Good idea, si?
Ran errands and have a lovely long lunch with friends.  Food and company were both five star.  

Took a few photographs is centro.  

Independence Day Celebrations coming right up.

beautiful hand woven rugs from Oaxaca

Thanks so much for coming in on your way by.    I have dropped in on most of you tonight.  Each and every one of you INSPIRE me!  Thank you.  xxoo

One's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions."
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.


  1. Your lady is beautiful, she grows from day to day, and I love the idea that she is healing broken hearts! The little details of flowers and hearts are lovely, too. Great photos from your town, very interesting, love that door knocker! Have a good day and take care, hugs, Valerie

  2. Wow! That is early! But at least you get a lot done. :)I love seeing the everyday photos. What wonderful energy. And I'm liking all the details on the Lady today. Wondering how she will look finished. :)

  3. Your painting just keeps getting better and better. You live in a colorful, rich in texture and history place. No wonder you call it home. I got up at 4:30 AM today. Achey bones. I usually only sleep for 5 or 6 hours. I am not a big fan of sleeping..Have a great day..Donna by the bay

  4. You certainly maximized your day with that early start, and made good progress! Love all the photos of your area. Just beautiful. The one with the people walking on the street... the plants way up high caught my eye. Look out below!

  5. I love the name of this there are so many broken hearts that need mending. She is getting prettier as the days go by. Loved all the photos of your area.....nice. Hope you have a great evening and perhaps can get more sleep tonight.

  6. What a beautiful place. I just had to sigh after seeing your photos - long day at work and my feet hurt so being transported to another place was just what I needed.

  7. Growing new hearts?? Like that idea! Your painting totally blows me away, Donna - what a gift you have!! And love the pics of your beautiful area. What a feast for the eyes!

    I know what you mean about sleeping. It's hit and miss for me and little pills when I need them.

    On another note.... I don't know why after so many tries I still cannot get your blog posts to show up in my Google blog list with all the others. Don't know if anyone else has this problem? I sometimes neglect to visit because I have to remember to make a special trip. Oh well... it's worth it!!

  8. oooooo,it gets better? YES! Your painting style is Soooo cool! I hope to see it in postcard version.hee! painting is quite the thing for you!

  9. Your keeper of broken hearts is progressing well and I love the tiny hearts on the vine.

    Donna, your photos are stunning and it is so fun to view SMA through your camera.

    We have a three-day weekend which isn't as significant when you are retired as when you work and get an extra day away from the office.

    I've been cutting the bases for my holiday houses and making a few cards. Nothing too exciting to post to my blog.

    It is fun to see what you and others have created this week. Hope your weekend is pleasant. It was actually cool here today. FALL HAS ARRIVED.


  10. dear donna,
    you have given us a double-dose of inspiration with your painting and your photographs. It is amazing how quickly you added richness to your keeper of broken hearts. So glad I misunderstood when you first showed her, for some reason I thought you were not going to continue working on this! I love the various tones in her face, they give it such depth . . . the vines, the hearts, the bird, all so pleasing to me.

    And your photos! the first one with the arches and the courtyard is outstanding. So quietly beautiful. Another favorite for me was the shot of the street. Reminded me a little of portugal. I have not traveled much, but that street looked familiar. thanks for all you share. xo lenna

  11. Yes my dear, she is lovely. Ahhhh.I adore your female figures, such wonderful colors and expression. The phots are beautiful too. It really gives me a little peek into your world. Very inspiring too! take care, gerri

  12. Indeed! Donna you did it. Woww, what a beauty and such inspiration. Love the photos too. You have certainly grown. So happy!!!

  13. Your lady is so so beautiful and she is progressing so well but i can't imagine what else you could probably do to (for her ) she is exquisite. Love your photos of the town is looks so pretty.


  14. I'm a follower of your blog now.your work is amazing.