August 4, 2011

* Today in the Studio

Couldn't get started today.  Nothing would come, so I got caught up on some letter writing and a little mail art.  While I sat at my table, I would glance up at my lady.  Suddenly I just had the urge to grab a brush, and I began to work.  That was about three hours ago.  I worked mostly on her hands.  No easy task, considering the position they are in the fact I have no model.

I don't think they are right .. however, had to walk away.  Will begin again later.  In the middle of all this she presented me with wings.  Wings for me.  My wings.  Wings so I can fly and reach my full potential.  I was surprised.  I've never been given a pair of wings before.  Having so much difficulty working in acrylics.  This, however, is the way one learns which is good.  I want to learn to work in acrylics.  Here's where I left off today.  I have a feeling there is a lot more coming ...

And now for a little mail art.

Thanks so much for dropping by.  Have a wonderful day.

You wander from room to room
Hunting for the diamond necklace
That is already around your neck! ~ Rumi


  1. Your lady is developing well! I am looking forward to seeing her completed! The mail art is wonderful, except that it's not MY name written on the envelope! And the quote at the bottom is priceless - now I know where to look for my diamonds! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Your lady is coming along great. I love your mail art and would like to know if you use things outside your own artwork and rubber stamps such as fabric, magazine pictures, etc. Thanks and I hope you have a great artful day.

  3. That's not my name either on your mail art envelope. he he he

    Wings...we all require wings to carry us through life so I was pleased your new lady requested them.

    Have a good weekend, Donna. I can't believe the week is over.


  4. just lovin yr iconic women series. Would make a beautiful coffeee table book..where you look at them and discuss and discover their stories! take care dear and keep creating! take care, gerri

  5. Beautiful art from you as always my friend.
    Did you grab your freebie this weekend from my Dezinaworld blog? if not, please feel free to help yourself.
    hope you have a wonderful week
    hugs June

  6. She is progressing beautifully, hands are difficult my son agrees he is an aspiring artist. She has given you wings how generous lucky you, fly over to greece to see me and share a glass or two !