August 2, 2011

* Together as requested

I hung My Lady of Abundant Blessings and Intentional Flight together today.  Although they are very different, they were obviously meant for each other.  After all, it was a request.  (Oh, I could get really critical, however, I changed the locks on the doors and locked my critic out .. remember?)

Also received my first postcard from the "Liberate Your Art" swap.  Absolutely beautiful quilts.  

Have a peek at Di's blog HERE.  Nancy, I know you will have fun exploring over at Random Thoughts.  Di's quilts are stunning.

“What you need to know about the past is that no matter what has happened, it has all worked together to bring you to this very moment. And this is the moment you can choose to make everything new. Right now.”


  1. Your Lady and the heart look RIGHT together, no matter what your critic might try to tell you! Lovely postcard, too, I am so looking forward to getting the next ones! Have a great day and take care of yourself! Hugs, Valerie
    PS I was able to collect my mini books from the customs today! Got one of yours, too, thanks soooooooo much! I will blog it tomorrow, I am having a rest today, I just need it!

  2. I love the two together. I am in awe of someone like you who can paint so beautifully.....what a are so blessed. I visited Di's blog and yes, the quilts are gorgeous. I am following her now. I am so beginning to love and have more fabric back in my life more.

  3. WORKED PERFECTLY -- your lady and her intentional heart.

    Great, colorful, postcard from the Libertate your Art swap. I have received some and only one with no identification. How sad is that! I will eventually add them all to my blog.

    Hot here today; going to doc tomorrow. Hope your day is pleasant, Donna.


  4. They look very beautiful and definitely seem meant for each other! Wow, what a statement they make together, donna. You have done so well with these paintings, they are overflowing with goodness!

  5. The two paintings together are magic! And you are so right, the art blogs out there that connect us are such sweetness. I'm also doing Liberate your Art, and received a wonderful postcard yesterday! Love it! Paint on, Girl! Jane

  6. hi there! love your painting, mail art, and the postcard from Liberate your art! I am so excited for mine too-need to post them soon. dang scanners!
    Miss Donna, I was going thru mail art and discovered you sent me stuff for an ATC swap between us!! oh dear, Where did that come from and how long ago? I will play w/ them soon. :0) take care