August 16, 2011

* Two Postcards ... and a Tag?

The final two post cards from the "Liberate your Art" swap arrived today.  I am sorry I didn't do 10 for 10, they have all been so interesting.

This post card had the best quote.  "When it's all over, I want to say:  All my life I was married to amazement.  I was the bridegroom, taking the world into my arms."  Signed Mary Oliver.  I honestly don't know if that's the author of the quote or the creator of this card.  There was no other information with it to get in touch with whoever sent it.  So sad.  I LOVE it!  Thank you.

On the back it reads.  "Plant a picking garden!"  Aren't the colours smashing?  The creator of this work of art is Elaine Millar and you may find her at Photoworks.

I made a tag today. I know, you may have to sit down and catch your breath.  It's a rare occasion.  I was pondering how some of the bloggers who inspire me would deal with this tag.  Let me see:  VALERIE would have corrugated cardboard as a base, hand painted it with texture paint, and burned it with a heat gun.  Then she would have hand painted, cut out and stuck on beautiful images created from rubber stamps.  I'm sure a few more pieces of 3D material would have made it onto the surface.  Hmmmm .... nothing like mine.  MARIE. Well, Marie in a past life was a florist, so the cage would definitely have been filled with flowers which had been high glossed to give them body. Perhaps the cherries would still be blossoms.  It would be dramatic. Hmmmmm .... nothing like mine.  Then there is GERRI.  Her tag would have been pink trimmed with gold German scrap.  The cage would be covered in glitter and the bird would be wearing diamond earrings.  Hmmmm ... nothing like mine.  LENNA might have used her water colour crayons on the base.  She would have cut the die from a transparency photograph she took herself of an old wooden barn.  The bird is made from a leaf with a feather she found on the beach for it's wing.  Lenna would teach us the process.  Hmmmm ... nothing like mine.  CAROLYN'S tag would be very sophisticated, and beautifully executed in every way.  The theme might be Asian.   hmmmm, nothing like mine.  DONNA'S would have 22 kinds of you know whose ink on them, 6 different techniques on the same tag, and full of embellishments and stamps from 3 different companies.  Is all this causing a little smile yet?  :o)

So I've been thinking ... isn't it simply grand we are all so different?  Isn't it simply grand each of us is a totally unique being, capable of creating in our very own personal voice? Don't compare.  There is no better or worse.  There is 'different', there is 'unique'.  There is absolutely wonderful in it's own right.  I do think it's incredible.  Here's mine ... :o)  (Forgot to punch the hole -- see I told you I don't do this often.)  Thank you all for your uniqueness.  It is an honour for me to have crossed your paths.  

Oil Cloth and card stock.  A couple of you know whose distress inks, a little stamping and it's over. 
Since you are like no other being ever created since the beginning of Time, you are incomparable. ~ Brenda Ueland


  1. I love your DONNA tag, and I love how you have summed up all out litle eccentricities in making ours. Your postcards are lovely, too. I have two more to show off, which I will do tomorrow. It was a great fun swap. The saying on your card is good, too, I will write it down into my book straightaway. Take care and have a great day, Hugs,Valerie

  2. I am still giggling, Donna. ; ^ ) How creative and perceptive you are! You described what I might do perfectly, love it! I also love what you have created with the "sweet tweet", all those little hearts and the oil cloth?? Now that sounds interesting . .. I think I have heard of it but never used it. The texture is fab. thank you for this wonderful post! xo lenna

  3. I love your tag. I recognize that bird cage too and the bird........nicely done.

  4. Birds and cherries definitely go together. If you ask a farmer, he'll tell you how hard it is to keep the birds out of the ripe fruit.

    UNIQUE, yes; CREATIVE, yes; TALENTED, definitely.

    We love what you do and share with us.


  5. Super... both of them! What fun.

  6. Your exhurberance comes across in everything you write - I love reading your posts. Hugs from Spain xxx

  7. Oh too funny my wonderful friend. You are so observant! Your tag is perfect. I have made oil cloth years ago. I wonder if I saved any. A great surface to work with. Thank you for being you!..Donna by the Bay.

  8. Oh have captured us all so well. Thanks for thinking about is...I did miss blogging during my vaction especially stopping by and seeing what you were up to! take care dearie, gerri

  9. Hi there Donna how I have missed you ! I had my little holiday and came back to find no phone line or internet an as it is the biggest holiday of the year in Greece no one to put it too rights !! So am sorry for my delay in visiting but i was thinking about you !! Loved your post you have summed us all up so well you made me laugh , i have the same opinion about all the other ladies. Your Tag is splendiferous your combination of bird and cherries is divine. Your received post cards are also a delight sounds like Fascinating swap.