September 23, 2011

* An Accidental Study of Human Nature ...

While lying here tonight looking at the ceiling ...
with the camera on all the wrong settings .... trying
to find
something interesting to photograph ...
People began to walk past my open door
and look in.
They tried not to ...
but they couldn't help it ...

even though they were almost past the door, they had to keep looking.

This man tried to cover his eyes ...

but in the end was absolutely amazed when he spotted me in bed HA HA HA HA

This woman tried to move fast and not be noticed

He looked ...

and looked again.  I was afraid he was going to trip over his own feet as he tried to get one last glimpse.
An interesting study on the human race.  I don't think the majority of us can walk by an open door without being so curious we have to look in.

Thanks for dropping by.  I'm a little short of 'blog fodder' so have resorted to crazy making to amuse myself.  I'll be out of bed tomorrow and back on my feet with a walker for awhile.  Everything went well, and as one of my dear friends who loves puns said, I now have a good leg to stand on.  Also want to thank you for all your good wishes, all the love, light, prayers and good energy you have sent.  It's all been amazing, and so very much appreciated.  Thank you for your wonderful phone calls and your emails. I feel well loved.  xxoo

Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live. ~Jim Rohn


  1. Hi Donna, I was somehow under the impressions that nights in hospital were meant to be spent sleeping? Glad you spent the time in youerown, particular way. Sound like you are doing very well, so hip.hip hurrah for that. take care of yourself, Hugs,Valerie

  2. Hee, hee, very amusing! Just popped over from Valerie's blog - cause I couldn't help having a nosy either!! Hope all goes well with your op. xx

  3. Well Donna, I couldn't help "looking" to see if you posted, (or someone else to report on how you were doing post-surgery) and here you are! Amazing, and you are still perceptive even while in the hospital fog...get some rest and heal! Good wishes. xx

  4. It is so good to see that you are doing so well. You have been in my prayers and thoughts a lot and I was so delighted to see your post.

  5. You can't stop can you? So typical.
    I chuckled as I slid through your blog.
    Love, Di

  6. Good afternoon, Donna. The kids left this morning to return to California. We had such a great time and now it is catch up on blogs as well as friendships. So happy to hear your surgery is over and all went well. I'm eager for you to return home and recuperate in your own home. I had to chuckle at your latest photos. Even in a hospital your mind keeps working away recording all of the events. Too bad you can't set it on automatic to get a view of the surgeon in action....yikes!

    Rest up because it will take extra energy to get that leg moving again. What a relief!


  7. I hope you got permission to post their photos. Too funny.. Remember to rest in between pranks..hugs..Donna

  8. What a way to meet a new blogger friend! I feel like I'm looking in the door too! So glad all is well with your medical journey and you are on your way home. Celebrate!


  9. Your photos are very amusing.
    I wish you a speedy recovery and take care of yourself.
    lovely greet

  10. dear donna, I think you are amazing! Thank you for all your notes filled with love and support during this time when you are recuperating. Truly remarkable, and appreciated.I feel I am taking care of myself, and trying to watch out for my mom too. Dad is resting a lot but his pain does not seem too bad. thanks for caring. xo

  11. I love it! The post that is, not the fact that you are in the hospital. People watching is so much fun at times. Hope you are better soon and moving around able to find something interesting to photograph.