September 24, 2011

* Blog fodder running very thin ...

News of the day.

1.  I got out of bed!  YEAH.  Felt so good to actually move.

2.  Walked with help of walker.  Another YEAH!  I am grateful for walkers.

3.  Had every one of my needs met today.  Was well taken care of.  Was fed home cooked beautiful tasty food.  Napped.  Had wonderful e-mails and phone calls.

4.  Received the wonderful news I can return home on Monday.

5.  Am so grateful for my wonderful care giver, Allyson.  Could not have been here, done this, without her.

6.  Allyson went out and bought pizza for dinner.  We forgot we were not in Italy.  :o)

7.  It's evening now. Birds are singing very loudly outside my window around a small body of water, graced with green grass and trees.

8.  I am blessed.

9.  Tomorrow I will be able to shower.

10. Did I tell you I received the most marvelous gift.  A symbol of the pain I have gone through and no longer have to endure because of this incredible Dr.  It's a jar of small bones from my knee.  Bones which were floating freely between my knee cap, around the ball joint, crunching, getting stuck and causing incredible pain.  The Dr. said this was new for him.  Certainly explained a lot to me.  I am now pondering what 'creative masterpiece' I can come up with which will acknowledge  this healing.  Perhaps they will end up in a nicho to honour my knees, the movement they constantly give me, accompanied by a prayer of gratitude that they could be healed.

Now for a photograph.  Allyson's feet with her new shoes from the tiengas (big Tuesday Market).  I just love them.

A state of peace allows us to tap into a tremendous reserve of universal, healing energy.


  1. Hi Donna, so pleased you have been able to get up and walk a little bit.I am so happy for you . Maseltov! I bet you are looking forward to going home. Sound great. Good that your nurse is there to restrain you, or you would probably be painting pics on the hospital walls! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Your strength of spirit is shining, Donna!

  3. I am thrilled to see your post and know that you are doing well. Have been thinking and sending good thoughts your way. So glad Allyson is there with you and spoiling you.....her new shoes are way too cute.

  4. Aww thats great news Donna, and just love that pic... says it all
    hugs and get better soon
    June x

  5. Wonderful to see you are recovering quickly and take this all in stride. I had to laugh out loud at your pics of people as they passed your doors. :)

  6. Nothing will keep our Donna down! A shower in the morning will be heaven and I'm so happy that the surgeon was able to remove the bits and pieces that seem to accumulate from out of the blue.

    Your new "lady of healin" will have something to say about the bones extracted, don't you think?

    Be careful tomorrow as you get more exercise with your walker.


    Gentle bear hugs,

  7. Donna - I can't imagine how painful those bone chips must have been crunching around under your kneecap. So great that you are moving and that you are being well taken care of - and by such a stylish lady at that, love the shoes! Keep on moving forward and this will all be behind you in no time. Love your positivity - cheers, Rhonda

  8. Going home soon... good news! I got one of your lovely flower girl postcards in Lenna's swap. Thanks so much! I love the imgage you chose. You've certainly had the pain, now looking for the gain! Be well.

  9. I'm so happy you made it ok. :) Bones floating in your knee? I can't even imagine how much it must have hurt. Wish you well and a speedy recovery. :)