September 17, 2011

* Both complete ... I think ...

Sunday Afternoon.  Oil on canvas.

My Lady of Unlimited Power.  Acrylic on canvas.
Travelers, it is late.
Life's sun is going to set.
During these brief days that you have strength,
be quick and spare no effort of your wings.
- Rumi


  1. Both paintings are wonderful, Donna. So pleased you have managed to finish them now, before your OP. Take care of yourself, and have a restful Sunday. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Love the Lady of Unlimited Power! I love this name and the design is terrific. Gorgeous little bird on her shoulder too. The lovers are having a pleasurable Sunday, aren't they? Great paintings - cheers!

  3. Love your paintings. I will be thinking of you as you have your operation this week.

  4. MARVELOUS! The is one handsome man and his eyes just twinkle. Your painting turned out so well. Your power lady is also fantastic.

    Love hugs,

  5. Your talent shines in these paintings, Donna. And like Rumi's travelers, you will FLY through your knee surgery and be back with your paints and flowers soon...x J.

  6. Great job on the lovers. :) And the lady is still my favorite. I adore the colors. :)

  7. Both paintings are gorgeous Donna. Love it both. from the second one I like the colours so much.
    Lovely greet

  8. You my dear are a lady of unlimited unbelievable power! I do believe that is my favorite painting of yours. Thanks for the sweet words on my blogaversary too!take care dear friend,gerri.