September 4, 2011

* My Lady of Broken Hearts

I completed My Lady of Broken Hearts today.  As I worked on her, she prompted me to look up the symbol for Harmony again.  This time, the definition for "The Star and the Moon" on her forehead came up differently.  It is not only the symbol for Harmony, but also for Love and Faithfulness.

She assures me if we Love ourselves enough to put ourselves first, if we are Faithful and true to our values and beliefs, and if we live in Harmony with these principals, our hearts will heal. In the meantime, she will keep it safe and begin the healing process with her special powers.

click for detail

"There are things that we don't want to happen but have to accept, things we don't want to know but have to learn, and people we can't live without but have to let go." - Author Unknown


  1. dear donna,
    Your painting and your words that accompany her are so very true and powerful. I am honored you share all of this with us. Do you have a place where you will hang your lady of the broken hearts? If you don't, you could send her to me!!! ; ^ ) love this painting very much, lenna

  2. Beautiful Donna, I love your Lady. She really has that magical touch again! Wonderful colours, too. I am so glad you have finished her. I think she will enjoy being with your other lovely paintings, too! Have a good day, Hugs, Valerie

  3. Dear Donna, This is my first visit to your blog. Your paintings but also your words are so beautiful and lovely. I feel the warmth from your heart.
    This lady is gorgeous. Sure I will come back.
    Lovely greet Marja

  4. I knew she would be beautiful and she is also very "calming" to view. I believe she will do a great job dealing with the broken hearts to create harmony for all.



  5. What a beautiful painting Donna and I love what she stands for. She will be such a wonderful addition to your other paintings.

  6. She has such a peaceful beautiful aura your lovely lady a bit like yourself I would say. The hands are beautiful well no only the hands but I can see the work. Donna another beautiful piece of art and once again you took us all along for the ride thank you and thank you for your visit. You do make me laugh with your comments I always look forward to hearing what you have to say. Thwarted and knackered to of your favourites eh must find a third one for my next post .....


  7. She has a story to tell, that's for sure. Just lovely.

  8. Woohoo what's next....Every time I look at her I notice something different. This time it was the lovely butterflies.She is truly special... This is going to be a busy fall for me so don't worry if I am not around too much..I will still be thinking of you and sending warm thoughts..hugs..Donna

  9. dearest Donna,
    She is amazing and oozing with love and harmony. She is breath taking!I do so adore your painting style. All is back to normal so Ive started creating again. It feels good. take care, gerri

  10. Beautiful, vibrant, love the expression her eyes convey....