September 8, 2011

* My Lady of Unlimited Power ...

While I have been working on this painting, and asking her who she is and what she wants, the word 'silence' and 'ancient knowledge' have flashed through my mind.  Today, out of the clear blue, while I was working on her head dress these words came to me. 

"Go within to the silence.  Deep into the wisdom and ancient knowledge of your inner knowing.  Claim your unlimited power."

I just want to thank you all again for supporting me on this adventure I'm having.  Your comments mean so much and it's wonderful when you drop by.  xxoo

“This is a grand test for our souls; can we remember and keep the soul-truth - no matter what our lives seem to be telling us? The truth that we are powerful, worthy and love - no matter what!” Joy Page quotes


  1. What a wonderful blast of orange, enveloping the viewer in a warm glow. Lovely painting.

  2. Beautiful Donna, love the colours, and the peace she is radiating!You have created another strong and very lovely companion. Hugs, Valerie

  3. Another beautiful painting Donna. The colors are wonderful in your lady of unlimited power. I hope you have a great day.

  4. Thank you so much for your beautiful message! I saw your art on the internet and was so attracted to it. Such beauty!
    So lovely to share with you and your messages too are so enlightened! Its a total privelidge to share with you!
    :) Julie

  5. Beautiful my dear...she is both ancient and modern at once! You are inspiring me to try to paint the female figure... I just might try it!. thanks for yr sweet words...take care, gerri

  6. Do you realize how powerful her eyes are?

    I like this one a lot and also the nose. Now most people would comment on her headdress or face but it is the little things that catch my eye which you seem to do so well.

    She is definitely powerful and she isn't finished yet.


    PS Tomorrow I can peaches!

  7. Hi Donna another perfect creation she radiates such peace but also has an underlying vibrancy just love her .


  8. oh so beautiful... your art, your words, your thoughts;
    how inspiring, i am glad i just discovered you, i am your latest fan:)
    xo sandra

  9. She IS powerful, a force to be reckoned with! Just in awe over here watching you create one after another!!!

  10. I liked your comment on Mary Ann's post and popped right over to check you out !
    SO glad I did !
    Thank you for sharing snippets of yourself & your creativity.
    It has been a blessing perusing your inspired world.

  11. Gorgeous this Lady of Unlimited power. And power gives she, Love the colours and also your message with this painting.
    have a nice Sunday
    Lovely greet Marja

  12. beautiful, thankyou for visiting me today, I am enjoying you blog very much

  13. Yes dear Donna...she does have unlimited power. She is absolutely fabulous! If it is not too forward of me ZI think you should sell your lady series as colorful posters! I love them...can you tell? take care dearie, gerri