September 28, 2011

* Postcards and Recovery ...

Soooo nice to be home.  The trip itself was pretty gruesome, however once we arrived it was lovely to be in my own bed and surroundings.  I am making good progress.  Today we rigged up a sort of sling so I can lift my leg in and out of bed, instead of being helped.

There is quite a bit of work to be done.  I compensated so much to relieve the pain, my left leg is quite a bit shorter than my right.  The ligaments have pulled tight, so that must be worked out to get them even again.  Poco a Poco.  The house is in disarray in order to make a wide track for me to use the walker.  My views are pretty much like this.

To the right of the bed, we have moved a long high table, which holds most everything I need to play with.  very convenient.
I just know you've been waiting for this!  ;O)  My bottle of bones. 
Also received the postcards of Lenna's Postcard Swap today.  How gorgeous they all are.
A gorgeous hand quilted postcard from NANCY ROBERTS.  Do pop over and visit her blog.  She does some amazing things.  With the theme being "A summer's day", I think she hit it right on.  Don't you love her beautiful quilting stitches?  sigh ....

Next from SARAH BOBLIT, a beautiful hand embroidered post card.  Absolutely stunning.

An incredibly well done digital piece from LYNDA RODDY OZZOUTO  I adore ephemera and the combination she used here is perfect!

Backs are just as gorgeous as the fronts. 
Lenna hosts wonderful creative swaps regularly.  I invite you to join in the fun.  To view Lenna's swap site visit CREATIVE SWAPS.  Lenna also has her own blog where she shares her life and wonderful art.  Have a peek HERE.

So, that's it for today.  It's been wonderful to hear from so many of you.  Your support makes all the difference.  xxoo

"Lately I've been doing many things I can't do.  That's how I get to do them." ~ Pablo Picasso


  1. Hi..So glad you are home and making a place to play. And what a treat to have mail waiting. Isn't that something that the bones were rattling around. That must have been very painful. I am thinking embalming jar with "special artsy label". Do your best to focus on the healing...hugs..Donna

  2. dear donna, checking in with you. You seem to be making incredible progress. I cannot believe you had bone pieces floating around causing you pain. I am so glad they have been removed. I loved seeing your paintings on the wall and I am glad you are home.
    My dad is fading but we are okay. xo lenna

  3. Hello dear Donna. Looks like you have a nice area to recover in. Hope you are up and about soon. :0)

  4. Glad you are getting on well, and back at home, that surely will help.But did you have to show those bones....? Perhaps you could make some soup out of them for Halloween....
    I am still waitin for my postcards, hope I don't have to wait so long as with the mini book swap. The ones you have received are gorgeous. Take care, and have a good day, Hugs, Valerie

  5. So glad you are home, and I loved seeing the photos of inside your cozy colorful room! Go slow. Be well! xo

  6. Must be great to be back home! And you've arranged things so conveniently. Love the view of the paintings on the walls. Speedy recovery. Glad you like the post card.

  7. Good morning, Donna. I'm thrilled to see you posting again which means you are doing a little better each day. Everyone noted your paintings, me too! They certainly brighten the room and each one has a message to help with your healing. Great postcards from the swap; mail is always exciting when it includes pieces of art.

    Take it slow and progress will be made.


  8. Donna, Donna, Donna... I've missed so much! Just starting to get caught up after being cut off from civilization for a week. So glad that you are sharing your journey! I'm going to have my hubby read it too. He just had more cortisone shots... so far, so good but it is only a matter of happy to see you moving forward and keeping your sense of humor and spirits up.


  9. So glad to see that you are home and have such a nice place to recover in. I, too, noticed your lovely paintings.....that, in itself, would help me to recover. You are in my thoughts and prayers.