September 5, 2011

* ... this just in ...

Roughly blocked in.  Who knows where this is going?  I'll keep you posted.

Oh soul,
you worry too much.
You have seen your own strength.
You have seen your own beauty.
You have seen your golden wings.
Of anything less,
why do you worry?
You are in truth
the soul, of the soul, of the soul.”

~ Rumi


  1. The painting bug has got ya! hurray! more beauty on its way!!!

  2. Wow, Donna, great! Looking forward to seeing how she develops! Glad you are finding so many lovely images and messages just now! Hugs, Valerie

  3. You have incredible talent and I look forward to seeing how this one turns out.......

  4. Gosh Donna you are such a prolific and talented artist I struggle to make a card and i just turn my back for a second and you have started on another masterpiece !!!! looking forward to seeing where you go with this beauty.