September 14, 2011

* Thought for the day.

Life is very short.  Gets shorter every day. :o)  So many things we concern ourselves with are just not worth it.  They are small and petty.  They are not worth our energy.  They may hurt other people, and why would we do that?  Perhaps one of you has been hurt over something that just isn't worth it in the big scheme of things.  It's time we thought more about our actions.  It's time we were able to open dialogues between each other instead of shutting down.  It's time we listened to both sides of the story.  It's time to stop judging.  You know the old saying "We can never fully understand the other viewpoint until we walk a mile in their shoes."  So, here is a little something to chew on today.  Life is short.  Friends are precious.  There is nothing that can't be worked out.

Just wait a while,
turn your back and
remember what you have forgotten.
Try to find if you've lost,
apologize if you've hurt,
forgive if you have been hurt.
Because life is too short.(Shams Tabrizi


  1. The world would be such a better place if we would only "let go" of the petty things and dwell on what's important in life.......lending a helping hand to a little deed of kindness along the way and share a smile instead of a frown.

  2. This is really true Donna! Thanks for the reminder! Hugs, Valerie

  3. Thank you for sending that message out to the universe...jane