October 10, 2011

* Accidental drive in the country ...

On my way home from Queretaro today, on the main highway, we came upon a human road block.  A protest group who are lobbying the government for an over the freeway bridge.  The new road went right through their village.  So, after sitting with the engine turned off for half an hour, my driver decided to hit the side roads, even though he didn't know if there was a way around.  I was game.  We had lots of gas ... I actually miss the country.  Off we went.

As we bumped and jerked over the rough road, I took photographs.  Granted, not the best, however it gives you an idea of the lay of the land.  Here, we are on flat land, ranch land, before the mountains of San Miguel.  It's the end of rainy season.  The countryside is beautifully green.  This was once farm land ... corn growing land, now gone wild from neglect.  Young people don't want the land.  They want to go to America, and so, it is only the old folks who keep a few animals and live here.  Much of the land is being bought up by gringos and upper class Mexicans and turned into luxury estates.  Here we go.

Yes, this country road is made from cobble stones!

This type of cactus is plentiful and is eaten.

You can see some thin bamboo growing.  This too is plentiful in areas and can be hand made into blinds very reasonably.

Looking at the long view down the row of man planted trees, there are beautiful buildings.

A new hacienda being built.

Cattle wander along side the road.

These magnificent stone fences are a product of poor land and many hours of hard labour.

High Security

... and fields of wild flowers.
Saw the Dr. today.  My stitches are out and am assured the knee is doing well.  The walker will be required for the next couple of weeks as my knee tends to buckle unexpectedly under me.  Have some simple exercises to do ... so all is well that ends well.  

Hope to get up to the studio in the next few days and get some creativity going!  I miss it so.  

Thanks for all your kind words, for dropping by and having a lookie-loo, and for all your cards, letters and phone calls.  Take care.  xxoo

“The truly creative mind in any field is no more than this: A human creature born abnormally, inhumanely sensitive. To them… a touch is a blow, a sound is a noise, a misfortune is a tragedy, a joy is an ecstasy, a friend is a lover, a lover is a god, and failure is death. Add to this cruelly delicate organism the overpowering necessity to create, create, create — so that without the creating of music or poetry or books or buildings or something of meaning, their very breath is cut off… They must create, must pour out creation. By some strange, unknown, inward urgency they are not really alive unless they are creating.” - Pearl Buck


  1. That's me-"strange,unknown inward urgency". Great pictures. Have you eaten cactus? I am so glad your recovery is going well. Thank you for all your kind comments.hugs..Donna

  2. Lovely tour through your countryside...and Pearl Buck has it right! Glad to hear the stitches are history, now you can get going! (in a nice leisurely way...) xo

  3. All right... thanks for taking the scenic route and recording it for us! Lovely. So glad you are progressing nicely. Have fun in the studio.. it won't be long now.

  4. Hi Donna, so glad you are feeling a bit more comfortable after having the stitches out. And how nice that you had to take a detour and could take all those splendid pics - how lovely! Have fun, but take care! Hugs, Valerie

  5. That looks like a fun drive. I love that coble stone road! :) I'm glad you're doing great with recovery.:)

  6. Don na what a great photos you have made. And a adventure this way off the mainway. Do you have eat the cactus???
    I am glad to hear that your recovery is going on and the titches are out.
    Take care.
    Lovely greet Marja

  7. I so recognized a lot of the greenery along your scenic route home. It's so great that you are recovering and will be able to be in your studio soon.

  8. Hi Donna,
    Just wanted to pop by and send you a huge hug. I haven't been blogging much lately - I am bogged down with work and trying to get everything done before I fly off to South Africa for 6 weeks (to spend a hot Christmas with my family). Will be in touch when I get back in January. Take good care of yourself xxxx

  9. Hi Donna, love the photo's they are so unusual and so lovely. great to get to see a little bit of your country.
    Glad the stitches are out, take it easy and get well soon
    Hugs June xxx
    hugs June x
    ps, please drop by my blog if you get chance, Theres lots to see including 9 new freebies if you click on the link there.

  10. Hi Donna, had to pop in to see if you got out the stitches and are on the way to the next step - exercises.


    Computer still in the shop; perhaps tomorrow I'll get it back.

    Love hugs,

  11. Wonderful photos my dear.Just love that big cactus, fun to go on an adventure now and then! Glad to hear you are healing nicely.Take care of yourself...take care, gerri

  12. I've longed to go to this part of Mexico. I hope soon I will experience it first hand. For now I'll just stare at my coffee table book of San Miquel De Allende and be transported.

  13. I love all of these countryside pictures! We often take the less traveled road and I am the one snapping pictures out the windshield as we bump along. The cobblestone road is amazing. So glad to hear your recovery is going well. Cheers! and Hugs! ~Rhonda