October 3, 2011

* Autumn

In many parts of the world autumn has arrived.  The leaves and landscape are going through their colourful transition toward winter.  I missed the old oak trees in my backyard.  I always brought bowls of acorns in for the table along with some colourful leaves.  Since I have my new carving tools, I decided to see what I could do.  Here's the result.  I had fun.

Thanks for stopping by.  :o)  xxoo

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.  ~Albert Camus


  1. I love your new stamps! Are you going to send them in to Cloth Paper Scissors for their stamp reader challenge? you should.
    I am getting all caught up on your blog. glad you are feeling a bit better. hugs!

  2. Wow! These are great stamps. Nice detail. Glad you are progressing and more mobile.

  3. Love your leaf stamps! I am so glad you are able to have a bit of fun again and enjoy yourself. Take care, looking forward to seeing what you make today! Hugs, Valerie

  4. That's a great stamp. I don't think I could carv like that. :) Geometrical shapes is all I can do. :))

  5. These are wonderful Donna. Love the details with the acorn.

  6. Wow - very cool! I had just included that quote in my next Nomadic Notebook show, "Colorado Autumn".
    I've been trying to get a card to you.... my printer is down.... blah, blah, blah... anyway, so happy to see you moving forward!!


  7. Your carving is just stunning...a new skill to add to your overflowing box of talent!Love the acrons and leaves. Hope you are on the mend...take care, gerri

  8. These are so warm and amazing. Do you make these stencils? I'd like to buy some if you did, there awesome!
    :) Julie

  9. OOh fabulous Donna they look so pretty and natural clever girl !