October 2, 2011

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Hi all you Lovelies!  I'm feeling a little better every day, although it is an up and down process. Today there was a little dip in the doodle. I'm sure tomorrow will be better again.

I am getting caught up a little on my snail mail correspondence.  Received more happy mail yesterday and have been playing with my new rubber stamp carving tools.

A little bit
of mail art ...
made a postcard ...
carved a stamp ...
and received more fabulous mail

from Lovelies like YOU.  The card above is hand made by my friend Carolyn over at Carolyn's Creative Whims.
Thanks Carolyn! 

So that's been my weekend.  Hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Sending love and light to those of you who are carrying sadness in your lives.  Thanks for dropping by, and thank you for all your special words.  xxoo

“You can have anything you want if you are willing to give up the belief that you can’t have it.”
–Robert Anthony


  1. So glad you are doing some art...makes a huge difference in one's spirit...my motto lately has been: Just keep going. And art is my walking stick. I hope it works for you too. xo

  2. Good to see you back at work, and enjoy carving your stamps! But be careful, the tools are sharp, as I know to my sorrow. Have a lovely day, and take it easy but take it! Hugs, Valaerie

  3. I'm glad you're feeling better every day. This is some seriously awesome mail you're getting. :) And I totally love that little doll on the first photo. :)

  4. so happy you are up and about Donna! It will take time and yes some days there will be a dip in yr doodle, but you are strong and will pull yourself thru. Love that you are creating...carving stamps sounds wonderful. Loved all you showed today. take care of yourself, gerri

  5. My dearest Donna sorry to hear your noodle is a doodle or was it your doodle was a noodle ...never mind. Wishing you the very best of the best and may your carving tools always be sharp and to the point !!!!
    take care my lovely blogging bionic friend.


  6. Donna, I have computer headaches so haven't been able to leave you a comment this week.

    Each day will get better and I'm impressed with your carving. It is fun and relaxing, don't you think?

    Take it slow and you will achieve your goals more quickly. Will be happy when you can start the exercise program.

    In the meantime, I'm think of you every day and praying for your quick recovery.