October 20, 2011

* GIVEAWAY ... Read all about it!

Come Join The Celebration.  My Dearest Blogger Friends.  Finally, (and about time too) I have managed to get a package together to celebrate the 100th (now 111th) person to check up on me on a regular basis.  I am so honoured to have this much interest in my blog.  YOU, my dears, are my inspiration!

Now, please understand I have not been able to get out and about to shop.  Still hobbling around with a fair amount of pain.  I have however, raided my stash and compiled a little bundle I hope you will be able to put to good use.

The draw will be made on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 22nd, 2011.   You will have TWO chances to win.

1.  You must be a 'friend' of this blog.  If you are not already, you are only a 'click away'.  Please join me!

2.   Leave a comment on this post.

3.   Post my "Giveaway" button , which will link to this post, on the side bar of your blog.

Here's what's in the package.

Added:  November 22, 2011

This just in:  October 28th:  More bootie added.  Day of the Dead stuff to make your Halloween art more FUN!

A package of vintage papers, including interesting pages from Victorian era Sears Robuck Chicago Catalogue

Vintage postcards, world stamps (off paper) and a bundle of hand made papers.

Envelope of Christmas tags, bag of vintage buttons, bag of rhinestones, and some flower petals to play with.
Good luck to all of you.  It is truly my pleasure to have you here.  xxoo Donna

Psssssst!  a little secret.  Keep your eye on this post.  I could be adding to the bootie during the month.  Wouldn't that be fun?!

It is my belief when we find people though our blogs, we are connecting with 'like minded people'.  Even though we may never meet, we have a tremendous amount in common through our creativity, and we are indeed part of each others tribe.

"There's an old proverb that says you can't choose your family. You take what the fates hand you. And like them or not, love them or not, understand them or not, you cope. Then there's the school of thought that says the family you're born into is simply a starting point. They feed you, and clothe you, and take care of you until you're ready to go out into the world and find your tribe." - Grey's Anatomy


  1. Hi Donna. Thanks for your messages on my blog., thst's so lovely. I adore your work always and will put you in my bloglist so I cann't miss you. this give away looks great and i hope I will winn. Such a beautiful stuff to work with.
    I give you mu lovely greet and have a nice weekend.
    Lovely greet Marja

  2. Woohoo, how nice to have a celebration, and what nice things you are offering! 111 followers is grand, and growing so fast, too! Love the quote from Grey's Anatomy, too! Hope you are having a lovely day! Hugs, Valerie

  3. You are so right about the art blog connections with "like-minded" people" Donna. When I am lonesome, my online friends are just a click away! (thank you for being one of them.) xo jane

  4. Oh, I love my tribe! :) Congrats on the milestone and you're being very generous with the giveaway. :)

  5. Hi Donna have really missed your art and words of wisdom not to mention your humour while I was away. Congratulations on so many followers . Will post your giveaway on my post and try and catch up with all your news in the next day or two. Take care my friend.


  6. yes, isn't it wonderful how we can each sit in our little houses and pour out our souls to one another?? amazing! I always love your "stash" and would be so honored to have a little part of it!! Thanks for your generosity!!
    P.S. can't get the giveaway button to do anything...

  7. Congratulations on all your Wonderful blogger friends. It is such a nice way to connect with like minded people. I have so enjoyed seeing all your beautiful paintings and artwork. I hope you are feeling better as each day passes.

  8. donna . . . thank you for this celebration, wow! You certainly don't need to shop to put together a wonderful package ; ^ ) I am already a friend/follower and I just added your button to the sidebar of my blog with a link to this post. I'm so glad I re-installed the sidebar just in time!! This is very generous of you and also lovely fun. xo lenna

  9. What a lovely and inspiring blog! It's stirring my creativity which has needed stirring for a long time!

  10. Congratulations my dear friend! Amazing giveaway. Thanks for the invite and sorry about my sporadic visits. I swear the days are shrinking just when I need them to extend. I am loving your journal pages. It will be such a fun and colorful book when you are done. hugs..Donna

  11. Such a wonderful giveaway! I will post yr button on my side bar too.gerri

  12. And so it grows! Wonderful collection of items in your giveaway. I'm a freindly follower.

  13. Your blog is always an inspiration Donna! I adore the colours and drama. Will add your button to my blog :) ((hugs)) Leigh

  14. I am always inspired by your creativity and spirit. Thank you for a fabulous giveway. Count me in, I'd love to win. Congratulations on your many followers. Hugs.

  15. Well Donna it is inspiring to read your blog and to see the art evolving. And life in Mexico.....I wish someone rang my doorbell offering me flowers or fruit to purchase! The giveaway would be wonderful to arrive in my mailbox, but I just want to thank you for rewarding us almost daily with the vivid colours of your life.

  16. Hi Donna, Congrats!

    I'm already a follower. Going to post on my blog now.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  17. Beautiful creations you are making here. penny

  18. Congratulations with 111 and adding. I love your writing and the pics of your work - and of course the quotes!

  19. I am so glad that I' ve found your blog. I read some of your posts today and they're are a great inspiration to me. I think I'll be back sooner than my ToDo-list allows.
    Have a nice day