October 18, 2011

* In the Studio at Quinta de Luz

Wendy came over to play today.  We spent a lovely long afternoon in the sunshine of the studio.  I am actually having some difficulty getting back in the groove.  Focusing if you will.  I tend to find my head in my hands, my eyes staring out the windows at the long view and the mountains.  Don't know quite where to begin.  Odd feeling.  I guess it will come back.

Wendy was keen on making Nichos.  She is the Queen in that area.  Here are the two she created today.

I wandered from one project to another.  First some mail art, then putting a package together .. neither of which I could seem to complete.  I finally opened my erosion bundle journal and began to play.  Thumbing through the Anthropology catalogue I spied a poem I liked.  That's what started it, and gradually, the first two pages were finished.  Here they are. 

Couldn't resist the caption "Here!  Take her.  She's yours."  And you will notice the sister's name is Donnita.  Amused me. 

Hope you all had a lovely day.  There has been some great work on your blogs.  Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for your wonderful comments.  Seeing and reading your words makes me happy.  xxoo

There comes a point in your life when you realize who really matters, who never did, and who always will.  ~  Unknown


  1. Looks like you had fun! Wendy's nichos are great, and I love your envelope. I am sure that you will soon be back in your own, particular groove. You have had a bit of an upheaval with the operation etc, and something like that needs time! Take care of yourself! Hugs,

  2. I'm envy you your weather. :) The weather people are telling us it's going to snow here tomorrow. I feel like there's no autumn. We're going straight to winter.

    Great pages you made. I always like your bold colors. Keep going! :)

  3. Your pages are VIVID with bright colors and your own fabulous style! Love them. xo

  4. Your journal pages are wonderful and Wendy's Nichos are really nice. I think it will take time to get your groove completely back. Sending good thoughts your way.

  5. Your work is feel-good, fun and spirit-filled. Love it! The quote at the bottom is a keeper. I will be back to visit if you don't mind. The colors and "play" talk appealed to my inner artist child. :)

  6. It's always a treat to stop by your place to see what you are up to. Lovely !!

  7. The Nichos of Wendy are beautiful.
    the pages are great Donna. And it will take time to get your groove completely back. Take care.
    Lovely greet Marja