October 29, 2011

* Organizing The Studio ...

I must admit the studio got OOC on me!  That's short for Out Of Control my lovelies.  I never did have proper shelving and organization.   Frankly, it's gone from bad to worse.  Lately it has made me cranky to enter the room because of the piles of stuff everywhere.

Today Felix and Marta came to help me move things, clean things and paint things. I must say the term 'help' is used very loosely.  I haven't lifted a finger except to point it in the general direction of what has to be done next.  I tried to move things yesterday, managed some, but my new knee was not happy with my efforts.  I sucumed to help.  It will probably take another day to finish painting the shelving, then I will begin to see what I can do with the space.  It still may need more adjustments, however I thought I could begin with this and see what else is required.

Carolyn casually suggested before and after photographs.  It will be a good reminder for me as well.  Here's what it looks like at the moment.  YIKES!

Felix painting on the terrace off the studio.

One pink set of shelving will go on either side of the window.

Meanwhile, my table is as messy as it's ever been.  As I said, stuff piled everywhere.

and other excess has been moved in front of the fireplace.  hmmmmm.

Still have a place for Habibi and I to sit down while we try and get this place back together!

Thank you my darlings, for taking a moment to stop by and say hi.  Hope you are doing something wonderfully creative.  xxoo  Donna

This is my new motto for getting this room in order: -

"Begin at the beginning," the King said gravely, "and go till you come to the end; then stop."--Lewis Carroll (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland)


  1. Looks like you still have tiny bit to do.....enjoy! Hugs, valerie

  2. I totally love your walls! :) I cannot lie. It looks bad in your studio. Almost as bad as in mine. :)) But wow! How awesome do your paintings look?! Thanks for sharing this pics. I love it! :)

  3. Your studio is huge! (so envious - mine is literally the width of a double bed and not much longer). Sigh...Anyway, Donna-I totally love those walls- how can you be anything less than creative surrounded with such glorious colours! Good luck with the organising - it's going to look gorgeous when you're done! Don't foget to post lots of pics!
    PS: re. patterns I do everything from carnival costumes to bridal gowns :)

  4. your quote is the most wonderful advice, Donna!! You had me laughing out loud ; ^ ) I agree, just start and GO. Seems like you are on a good track to me. take car of your new knee, just as you are doing. Lovely post. xoxo lenna

  5. What a wonderful studio. I am used to a lot of stuff around so it really doesn't bother me unless I get to the point where I can't find things. I can't wait to see it when you are done....love love all the bright colors, etc. And a fireplace too....looks like a dream studio.

  6. The first thing I noticed was the ironing board !!! pride of place in the craft room and that is exactly where mine is that's why I mention it lol. Your paintings look fabulous I didn't realize they where so big they are beautiful . Your craft room looks fine to me you should see mine. Love the colour or your walls I have lime green and purple !!.

    Take your time getting settled in


  7. Oh my gosh, Donna. Where would you be without a studio -- shelves on the street? Only kidding...your studio was one of your best decisions and when it gets organized (Donna style), you will enjoy it more than ever. Actually, I had to laugh too because my craft area is in disaray with a little of this and that everywhere. I really need to put the items away that I dragged out to take on the retreat. You have inspired me -- first thing in the morn.


  8. yea, they get OOC,don't they! Love the text like lingo. Hee! Mine was looking similar until I cleaned this weekend. I love seeing your paintings. They are so beautiful. You working on more?...maybe when you're back to 100%. Can't wait to see.

  9. Oh how well I know that OOC feeling. I get it all tidied up, and then one project... poof... it's back to chaos! But you will be able to breathe when you get your shelving finished up. Show us how it goes. And, oh Donna? I hope you can get over your fear of color! ha, ha. I love your colors and photos... a real feel good.

  10. I love looking at yr studio, its so energizing! It just oozes creativity my friend. take care,gerri