October 13, 2011

* Play Day in the Studio

It doesn't get any better than this as Wendy always says.  Playing in the studio .. making Nichos, of course.  My first time up the stairs to actually play.  It felt so great!

Wendy's daughter-in-law, Clara, is visiting from Cairo.  We wiled away a good five hours with your little hands in glue, glitter and paint.  As usual we made a spectacular mess in a very short time.  Always amazes me.  Here are the results.  But first ... the IMPORTANT STUFF ....

Clara wants to send a big hello to Michael, her main man.  (I think she is missing him. :o)

Clara and Wendy discuss the strategy of creating a nicho.

Clara's very first Nicho.  A lovely memory of her trip to Mexico.

Clara's Nicho.  Beautiful.

Wendy's Nicho.

Donna's Nicho.  Still under construction.

Thanks so much for dropping by my lovelies.  You are my inspiration!  xxoo

“The soul should always stand ajar. Ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.” - Emily Dickinson


  1. Pleased to see you having ART fun with friends!

  2. Hi Donna, so glad you had a great day with your friends, and that you got to play in your studio again - woohoo!! The nichos look great, love them all, especially yours, as it is a little different! Have fun again today! Hugs, Valerie

  3. So glad you were able to get up to your studio and play. Everyone did such a great job.

  4. WOO HOO! Glad to see your back in the studio. I bet you have a head full of ideas. A day spent creating with friend is my idea of fun...hugs...By the Bay Donna

  5. well, this is very exciting, donna. A play day in your studio, how great. I really like your nichio "still under construction". how lovely to have something to call you back. :)

  6. What a welcomed post to find you in your studio creating nichos with Wendy and daughter. YEA! I'm so happy for you. Getting those stitches out must have helped a lot. Do be careful. The nichos are fantastic.


  7. Hoorah, so good to see you and friends in the studio. Love the nichos...Glad you had so much fun. take care, gerri

  8. What a fun look at your studio. :)Looks like you're having fun with friends.

  9. Oh, it looks like you are back in the groove!! I know you still have a ways to go with the therapy and all, but being back in your studio is huge - congratulations - the worst is over!! Looks like a lot of FUN was had!!!!

  10. I found you through Julie-ann Bowden's blog.
    What a delight it was to find you, your beautiful art, and your blog about your art and life! Sending you many healing thoughts from Wisconsin, USA.

  11. That's great Donna you back in your studio. And creating with your friends. The nichos are fantastic.
    have a nice weekend and lovely greet

  12. Those are so lovely! Don't forget to post yours when it's done! :)

  13. You're baaaack. And you brought friends with you to the studio. The nichos are wonderful. I know what you mean.. it doesn't take long to make a happy mess. But just look at where it took you.