October 24, 2011

* What's it all about Alfie?

I'm actually in a bit of a slump.  Mid way through healing I think.  Cranky too.  Tried to go back to my painting today, however was so impatient and cranky, gave it up.  Better not to go there when I am feeling like that.

I did get a couple of pages done in my journal, and tried a little experiment with my bird cage die cut.

As banner type things seem to be all the rage, I'm experimenting to have a few hang in my studio once I get it organized.  

Now, the other thing I wanted to talk to you about is Habibi.  I'm quite worried.  He's having trouble sleeping! :o) This was the photo I took first thing this morning.  He didn't even move when I got up.

I should sleep so well!  he he
  A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.
John Lennon


  1. Habibi is sleeping with great abandon, as only dogs and cats can. Lovely photo! Your journal pages are most interesting too, they are so full of movement. Is it the teddy bear you need or the see-saw? Have a great day, stay creative, hugs, Valerie

  2. Love the quotes. There are always little treasures waiting in your blogs. For some reason, I sometimes have trouble leaving comments on blogspots ... it's like Google simply will not recognize me ... so if I don't leave a comment, it isn't because I haven't looked and enjoyed.

  3. It's a long and winding road, Donna, and you are moving forward...love the birdcage banner!

  4. I love your birdcage banner...clever idea. The journal pages are very nice. Not to worry Donna.....we all have our days. It will all be back to normal routine soon. Habibi looks so comfy.

  5. Sorry to hear your feeling a little cranky but i think that maybe your muse has something great in store for you and she wants you completely rested and healed before she revels herself ! Your precious Habibi is so gorgeous and maybe is keeping kurt of your way and feigning sleep if he knows you are feeling a little cranky. Birdcage banner is perfection love it.


  6. Wow! I love art books and this presents a delightful design. The photo of the dog is precious.

  7. Love that banner of birdcages! And your notes in the journal pages. Who couldn't use an earth angel? And can't a guy get a little sleep without everybody having a say?? I mean, after all... What a funny boy.

  8. Sorry that you're not feeling too great Lady D.

    I was in the process of sending a message to ask how you are doing and I thought, why not check in on her blog.

    I am thinking about you and I hope that tommorrow will be better.

    I also hope that Habibi is fine. Probably just tired from being extra cute, lol.


  9. I love the birdie banner! And journal pages are always fun to play with. Hope you are back to sunny Donna soon-although I'm sure you're still cheery! :0)

  10. Your tenacity is amazing - don't be so hard on yourself and wallow a little bit in the crankiness. You have been through quite a lot - who else can gaze at their knee bones, literally!?! Oh, if only I could sleep like Habibi.

  11. Ahhhhh. Habibi is just catching up on all of the sleep he missed when you were tossing and turning and not with him for a week or so.

    Cranky??? Not the Donna I know. You are suffering from lack of patience which women in general are in short supply. Your banner idea would be great for the holidays. I need to rethink on that one...you might be cranky but you still inspire us and keep us entertained with your fabulous journal pages. SO CREATIVE!


  12. Oh if only we could sleep like that!Love your bird house banner, it is darling! Hope you will get yr Mojo back soon.take care, gerri

  13. Habibi is adorable! Both my dogs sleep like that, too. Great bird cages! I'd like to see them when you hang them in your studio. :)

  14. I am loving your journaling, Donna! Don't give up on your mojo, just keep gently nudging yourself along the creative path; its there, it just needs a bit of patience...it is one of the hardest parts of healing, being patient and being a patient! Have a wonderful day - cheers!

  15. Ooooh, I've been missing pics of the sweet Habibi!! Muffy has that exact same pose - we call it "full flippy" and I have several pics to document it. LOVE.
    Honestly, I totally understand cranky and would be shocked if that weren't the case from time to time after what you have had to deal with! Thanks for sharing with us - pretty sure we have all been there!!
    p.s. I was able to add your button to my blog!!