November 18, 2011

* The ABUNDANCE just keeps coming ...

Another story of abundance.  It's simply everywhere in my world.  How lucky am I!  Many weeks ago, a blogging friend of mine, NANCY, sent me a parcel.  It was around the time I had my surgery.  She wanted to keep it a surprise, so didn't say anything.  Well ... as you are starting to figure out, Mexico is not known for it's instant mail delivery.  Six weeks went by.  Nancy was getting figidty and finally sent me the tracking no.  I took the tracking number to my mail service.  Yes, they had received it in Laredo.  No, they had no idea where it was now.  It took another week and a half or so.  Late this week it arrived.  Full to overflowing with treasures.  Not a square inch left unpacked.  I know I missed a few things in the photographs.  There were old National Geographics, one on Canada's first 100 years (1967), there was a gorgeous bundle of wide white lace.  I hope I didn't miss anything else.  Let me share the bounty ...

Are these not gorgeous cabinet cards?  Now I can make a book!

Nancy's own hand painted papers.

Hand made journal pages (by Nancy), a home made journal bag (by Nancy), very fifty's very vogue material, tons of ledger pages and wide decorative tape with my initial on it.

Vintage Bingo cards .. great for journal covers, a Donna Parker novel, (love making personal journals out of these .. what a hoot), 'stuff' with my initials on it, fiber, and a pack of cards which says "Make yourself at home ... clean my kitchen."  HA!
Nancy!  You know how much I covet all this 'stuff' ... Thank You lovely Lady. 

I began another painting today ... she's blocked in however I will wait to post her.  Also made a card to send to a friend.  These sequin hearts are very "San Miguel" and I think they make lovely cards.  Who ever receives it can re use the heart for their art!
"From One Creative Heart to Another"
So that's it for today my Pretties.  Hope you are having a grand creative time wherever you are.  Thanks for stopping by.  xxoo Donna

Without the playing with fantasy no creative work has ever yet come to birth. The debt we owe to the play of imagination is incalculable." ~ Carl Jung


  1. Lovely bounty! Will watch to see some of these in your work. Isn't mail like that the best fun?

    How wonderful! ENJOY playing with all those wonderful goodies! Have a great day, Valerie

  3. well, what an amazing package! i would imagine you would feel very grateful and inspired!! enjoy your bounty, donna ; ^ )

  4. WOW...Nancy certainly knew what would make you smile. Lovely items to work into your journals and projects.

    Your heart card is beautiful!


    PS It's cold here with a heavy frost this morning.

  5. So so so happy that it finally decided to land at your doorstep. It was supposed to be a get well gift but it doesn't matter as long as it is there and you like it. Have fun with it.

    I love your beautiful card. You are such a talented artist.

  6. Lucky, lucky you. Nancy sure knows how to brighten our day. What an amazing load of goodies. Such inspiration will keep you going for some time. Happy playing love r.rose

  7. Hi Donna greetings from London ! What amazing treasures nancy is such a lovely lady ! Unfortunately can't open the picture of your card but I can imagine how beautiful it is. Have fun with aloof your lovely goodies.


  8. Well, Donna, you must be doing something right to be landing all those goodies!! What a wonderful stash!!!

  9. Oh how lovely, what a wonderful gift. As good as Christmas! Hope your recovering well :)

  10. Well it must be your lucky week!
    not that I can come anywhere close to your awesome win but you did win some stamps in my giveaway, shoot me an email with your address and I'll get them right out!
    hugs Lynn