November 21, 2011

* Christmas Cards and a Little Mail Art ...

Had company yesterday.  We had lunch in the shade outside and played in the studio all afternoon.  I made Christmas cards and did a little mail art which I will try and get to the post office this week.

"A Little Heat From Mexico"  ha ha.  Sometimes I just love doing mail art.

Thanks for dropping by today.  Keep on keeping on.  We will see you soon.  xxoo Donna

“Every moment you get is a gift. Spend it on things that matter. Don’t spend it by dwelling on unhappy things.”


  1. These are so lovely! Good old loving times! Really like the way they all fit together so perfectly and pretty.

  2. The cards are beautiful Donna, love 'em! And who wouldn't like that little bit of heat from Mexico....that would help by our cold! Have a great day, Hugs, Valerie

  3. Oh, yes please, a little heat from Mexico...the fan of course hum hum.
    The Christmas theme is just beautiful and the way you presented them online adds to the feel of it all. Living in Aussie of course we don't have a white Christmas and we all dream of one. I love the way you incorporate delicate textiles in your work, adds a touch of magic love r.rose

  4. I love your "heat" from Mexico mail Art, Donna!! : ^ )

  5. So heartwarming ~ the way xmas used to be. How lucky the recipients will be that receive one of your cards. Someday I shall be too old and stiff to weld and move steel ~ then I shall sit and make beautiful paper cards. One more craft on my long list of "things to try".

  6. Hi Donna ! What fabulous cards, those images are so beautiful and retro and make feel all warm an fuzzy . It seems you are not only a great artist, card maker and writer but can tie a mean bow too ! Love the soften edges around your photos reminds me of Doris day films and how everything back then was in soft focus. Love your mail art too that image is fantastic.

    Hope you have a beautiful day.


  7. This are fabulous cards Donna. Your images are so beautiful and lovely colors. Great.
    Lovely greet

  8. Your Christmas cards are lovely. The sleighs are such a nice touch. We have been dealing with windstorms and power outages and lots of rain so heat from Mexico sounds great. Hope you are all recovered. Will visit when I can...hugs..Donna

  9. Beautiful holiday cards, Donna, and the hombre on your mail art is one handsome bull fighter.

    I see you have started a new painting too. What will you name this one?