November 1, 2011

* I worked really hard today ....

Yes I did!  I lifted, moved, chucked, stacked, packed, unpacked, sorted, and organized.  My knee is objecting very loudly tonight and I don't blame her.  I think I was mean to her ladyship.  I just got going and I couldn't stop.  Tonight I'm paying the price.

Felix came tonight and finished the second book case.  It's still drying on the terrace.  Tomorrow I can move it into place.  My mind feels boggled tonight.  Decisions, decisions.  What do I use the most.  What do I want to be within arms reach.  Should I put this in the same drawer as this.  Where's the best place for the paper.  What about the scraps.  Why is there no more room for these boxes.  Shall I stack them in the hall.  Will I try to keep my table completely clear and only bring things when I am working.  But what about those little things I use and need every single day.  My machine should stay out ... I never know when I will get the urge to put the pedal to the metal.  I'd like my alter up here instead of downstairs.  But where.  How am I going to deal with the winter sun directly on my back.  hmmm, hadn't considered that.  If I worked so hard, why is there still so much debris.  So many questions.

Only one photograph is publishable.  The rest still looks more or less the same as yesterday, although I can see the actual fireplace.  Speaking of which, where am I going to hang my nichos.  Do I want a mirror above the little table in the corner.  Where will my paintings hang.  .... and so it goes.  My little head is awhir.  I need a drill for pilot holes if I'm going to hang many things.  Too difficult other wise.  OK, OK, I'm shutting up now.

Why on earth do you want that candelabra on your work table, Donna?  "Because you know I simply adore candles.  Now, don't be silly."  :o)
Do hope you all had a delicious (no pun intended) Halloween. AND ... very important ... Thank you for dropping by and having a peek.  Your comments are so wonderful.  xxoo Donna

Without the studio, however humble, the room where the imagination can enter cannot exist.  ~Anna Hansen


  1. It's looking much better Donna, don't work too hard though! Well done on getting so much done! Hugs, Pumpkin-head- Valerie

  2. Looking great Donna! But you need to lay off that knee of yours. :) Let it heal first.

    I have a few suggestions just in case you didn't think of it. :) You can have those drawers that are on wheels so you can store whatever you need in it and if you need that stuff, you wheel it to the table and your table stays clear. And you can change up the drawers as well. So which ever drawer you need, you put it in this moving thingy. I don't know how to call it. :)) You can get it in Ikea for sure.

    Also for your paintings on the wall maybe you can get that thing that they have in galleries where you put a curtain thingy along the whole wall below the ceiling and then you have those strings to hang the paintings on. That way you can change up the paintings without the need to drill more holes in the wall. :)

    Have fun!

  3. LOL, love the questions to yourself. You know if you put that there and the other over there that they will never be in the right place when you need them. I hate it when I move things around then I can't remember their new place of abode. I just want to sit in your studio and dream, it is beautiful.

  4. I love your colors--vibrant and popping!!! Take it easy on your knee and don't work too hard.
    I was just going to blogs this morning and came by yours. It is great.
    If you get the chance, pop over to mine. Would love to have you. You can even become a follower--if you want to :)
    Hope to talk again.

  5. Looking good Donna ! Whatever happens everything will end up on your desk and the drawers will get all muddled after a few days so don't worry to much.


    Love the new banner !

  6. Decisions decisions decisions. Once you start working with everything you will probably move it again so put it where your heart tells you and go from there. Your studio looks great but try not to overdue it.

  7. It sounds like you are going to need a spa day soon!