November 11, 2011

* It's a long way to Mexico ..

After approximately three months on the so called mail road (is that anything like the silk road?), the envelope from Valerie in Dusseldorf surprisingly showed up late last week.  I had pretty much written off ever laying my eyes on it.  However, just shows you -- miracles happen on the mail road.  The postcard, which I think was posted prior to the envelope is still  in transit.

Naturally, as is Valerie's trade mark, the envelope was full of beautiful hand made goodies for me to enjoy.  Halloween being her favorite holiday, I got a real kick out of the beautifully detailed Halloween book she made by hand of course.  Tucked inside a gorgeous copper miniature shopping bag was a hand made tag and a beautifully decorated note book.  I know I shall use that a tremendous amount.  I'm always looking for places to jot things down, so that has gone straight into my purse.

Here are some photos for you to enjoy.  It was difficult to pick pages to photograph .. it's a big book.  I tried to choose some which particularly tickled my fancy.

Examining the envelope, I do wonder if perhaps it was held in top security until 'all the President's men' could clear it's entry into the country.  :o)

Thank you, Valerie.  You are such a delight.  Wish we were closer so we could play in person!

Thanks to all for dropping by.  Hope you have a lovely weekend planned.  Take care.  xxoo Donna

“A book is a gift you can open again and again.” Garrison Keillor


  1. dear Donna,
    Its a wonder that the package actually arrived! Such beautiful creations by Val.Sorry I have been inconsistent in communicating but I will check your older posts. Check mine tomorrow I will mention you! take care, gerri

  2. Hi Donna, you are very welcome! Now we know why it is called snail-mail!Glad you like your bits and bobs! Perhaps the postcard will still arrive....Have a lovely, creative day and take care of yourself! Valerie

  3. glad it arrived. Hope you have a great day.

  4. wow, what a journey! Very special package/book and I bet the postcard will arrive too when you least expect it!

  5. YEA...don't you love the way she decorates her packages!

    You will be way ahead for next Halloween with the fabulous book she made for you. I'm sure it was a thrill to finally take ownership of her love package.


  6. Lovely contents and well worth the wait! I'm partial to that little tag with the vintage image.. it's just dear.

  7. Lucky girl, sounds like the 'silk road' might have been shorter than the 'mail road' but at least it got there. Valerie does beautiful work.

    A book for jotting is a necessity when one is creative and what a great book. Thanks for taking the photos and sharing, it is great to see other people's work.

    Cheers and enjoy your gifts love r.rose

  8. That Valerie- she does such cool stuff!