November 16, 2011

* A lovely thing happened to me on the way to the Forum

I wonder what really happened to people on the way to the forum?!  A lovely thing has happened to me.  Bear with me.  A while ago my Full Tilt Boogie (Book Making) group had a swap.  Everyone who wished made some pages and sent about ten sets in to be swapped out.  I opted out because of the mail situation here in Mexico, although I really really wanted to do it.  Soooo .... the other day, I get an envelope in the mail.  It's full of hand made journal pages to make a journal.  There is a little note attached from the lady who headed the swap saying she hoped I enjoyed these pages.  My first inclination was, "This is a mistake, I will send them back immediately."  Then, as I flipped through the pages, I began to recognize the style of people I knew in the group and a little light bulb went on.  They had arranged this as a surprise just for me!  I made some inquiries and sure enough --- that was it.  I am absolutely tickled pink.  I am delighted.  I am honoured people I have never met would think of me!  Last night, I put together a quickie journal -- I couldn't wait.  It's coil bound, that's why it's quicker.  I made the covers from chip board and covered them in ledger paper, then decorated.  I'll show you a few pages.  Don't you think that was a wonderful, lovely, thoughtful thing to do??????  And it happened to ME.   YEAH!

Now, I'd like to share with you what's happened on the upstairs terrace.  The one outside my studio which overlooks the mountains.  I went to a garage sale.  I haven't really played with anything, but it definitely has possibilities.  Looking much better than 'empty', and gives me a lovely place to sit when I want a break from creating.  Not a bad place for a sangria either.  :o)

And  last, but not least, a double journal spread I did today.

The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise. It is not that we seize them, but that they seize us.”
 Ashley Montagu


  1. Well, here am I just beginning to wonder if you were o.k., no posting since Sunday then this. No wonder, you have been busy busy busy. What a great surprise for you, there are so many lovely people in this world, including you of course, otherwise lovely things wouldn't come your way.
    Your journal pages are beautiful, I love all the pieces and the way you have put them together, they made me so happy with their colour and arrangements, looking at them was like basking in the sun. Talking of sun, I won't chatter long as I am off to the airport, coming over to sit on your porch :)(I wish). What a great buy and what a dream of a place you live in. Out you go, on that lounge and let your muse loose some more. love r.rose

  2. Donna, you are loved and respected by fellow artists. How wonderful of them to surprise you with sheets to include in a journal. The pages you have shared with us are fabulous. I also like your new patio furniture -- a great find! Just what you need to stretch out and relax as your muse works away for new ideas.


  3. oh donna, what a wonderful surprise. Your "quickie" journal is so delightful! I love that paper with the butterflies, roses, a bird . . . I have some and used it as a base to create a journal page!

    Then your terrace, how delightful. Your double spread journal page is awesome too! what a lovely post. xo lenna

  4. Glad you managed to get so much done! Your terrace looks so lovely, how nice to sit - or lie - there and enjoy that wonderful view. The journal is beautiful, love the papers and images you have used. And the journal pages look really happy! Have another lovely day, hugs, Valerie

  5. Oh my goodness, what a FUN journal! A treasure...and what time is the Sangria served? I'll be there to share your lovely space!

  6. Aren't surprises fun. I love your new furniture. What a lovely place for a Sangria.

  7. I love what you have done with the journal pages...what a lovely surprise :D, and the space on your balcony looks perfect for those moments when you need to unwind :D XXX

  8. What a sweet surprise and lovely book! You are the kind of person people like to do things for, ya know, because you are so kind as well. :0)

  9. That was such a wonderful surprise from the thoughtful ladies. :) Lucky you, for having such a wonderful connection with them. And the terrace looks amazing! I told you before that I adore the bold clors you've used. :)

  10. You are such a kind and generous ( and funny ) lady I am not at all surprised that these lovely ladies thought of you. Your journal pages are beautiful as are the lovely pieces that were sent by those gorgeous gals. Your patio looks fabulous and what a great view. I can just picture you there Sangria in hand. Habibi at your feet........

    Have a lovely weekend.