November 2, 2011

* Request For Assistance ...

Not up to much today, however did manage to experiment with my new sizzix butterfly die cut.  I'm sure there is a  number of processes one could apply, however I kept it very simple.  Doubled up each butterfly to give it a bit of body and did a little embossing both on the background and the butterfly itself.

I actually have difficulty embossing as sometimes it cuts right through the paper and falls apart in areas.  Any advise on that one?  This is the first attempt.  Not at all happy with the way the card stock folded.  As you can see at the top, it sort of cracked leaving white bits showing because it's not coloured at the core.  My first attempt at this card was pretty much a disaster, so I took it apart and put a piece of embossed paper on the top.  Forgot to round the top edges and I really don't like the look at all.  So, Dolly Miss Marie ... super card maker of all times.  Where are you when I need you!!!???  Experimented with my Martha Stewart deep edge punch.  Not happy with that look either.  The punch itself worked well, but the look ... well, not so much.  HELP!

The second attempt is marginally better, however still not very professional looking.  Any and all advise from all you experienced card makers out there will be graciously accepted and gratefully appreciated.  Carolyn ... would you like to come over and play?  Your cards are always such perfection.  I'll put the sangria on!

REQUEST FOR ASSISTANCE.  Let's just pretend there is a huge paper shortage in Mexico!  (I hope you are all rolling in the isles laughing.)  Paper has to be ordered from the good old USA.  Card stock for instance.  I am very unhappy with what I ordered and received.  The weight it a little too light and obviously it is white core not colour core.  Question:  1.  Where is a good place to order from on line.  2.  Do you have any brand name recommendations?  It's really the same with decorative paper.  I'm not always over the moon when it arrives.  I'd appreciate any suggestions on where to order and good quality paper I will be happy with.   PLUS, and this is a big one ... I want it to be PRETTY.  Some of these paper stacks are pretty 'iffy'.  Thanks for your help ...

There is just so much new 'stuff' to play with out there.  I think the answer is to simply do more of it.  

So my Lovely's, what did you get up to today.  I will find out as I make the rounds of your blogs this morning.  Such talented woman, all of you.  I learn so much from each and every one.  Take care, and thanks so much for stopping by.  xxoo Donna

Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards. - Vernon Saunders Law


  1. Hi Donna, glad you have been enjoying playing! Your butterflies look very pretty. If the embossing is tearing, the sandwich is too thick. With the big shot it is easy to adjust, but I think you have the cuttlebug, and I don't know about that. Hope you find some good online supplies, and the paper you are looking for! Have a fun day, Valerie

  2. Oh dear, your butterflies look beautiful to me. I understand though when materials do not do what is expected of them,it is so frustrating. I am sorry I can't help you anywhichway. I am not good at any of those things (wish I was) and I am lucky enough to live where I can get almost anything. Hope someone knows lots for you. (still think they look great to me :))

  3. Looking lovely! I only had Cuttlebug so I can't really help you with embossing dificulties. Maybe you need to change the way you layer the plates. Sound to me like the whole thing is too thick.

    It's been a while since I bought paper but I remember K&Co and Basic Gray being good brands. And Glitter pot being a good e-shop.

  4. Donna, they are BEAUTIFUL!!! I know when you make something you can see all the little "mistakes or problems" but I don't see anything. They are fantastic, just fantastic.

  5. Hi Donna, not my area of expertise, so I will let the other ladies offer their wisdom. Just wanted to say how happy I am that you are getting your studio spiffed up and organized and I think the butterflies are lovely!!

  6. Did you call I came as soon as I heard !!! Your not the only one who has a problem with the embossing showing the core of the paper or ripping. as Valerie says `I do believe it is your "sandwich" which is at fault < I too have the big shot so don't know about the cuttlebug but try altering the plates or if all else fails try you tube it always works for me. I quite like the white showing through on the papers sometimes but I have found they tear easily especially the DP pads so they don't need much pressure when embossing. cant recommend paper as I too have a huge problem here in Greece. I do like `Basic Grey paper pads they have some great designs but you have to be careful if you emboss the patterned paper as it splits easily. Hope some of this helps. By the way I think your butterflies and cards are gorgeous and I dont like things to e too perfect and the white showing through just gives them wonderful texture.

    take care my friend. You can always skype me and we can have on line classes together you can teach me to paint and I can show you how to ruin all of your paper !!


  7. Donna, I like both of your cards and also the buttefly die. The other gals thought your sandwich was too thick but perhaps your paper is too thin. Try putting two layers of paper when you cut the die. EXPERIMENT! That's what I always do to find the perfect method. All of the dies and embossing folders react definitely to the cardstock/paper and the machine in use.

    As for cardstock, you can't beat Marcos Paper.

    You can go on line and check out what he offers. I have never been disappointed with orders from his firm. For decorative papers, that one is more difficult because what appears as one color on line may not appear that way when you receive it. The suppliers lean towards trends. One year all the greens will be more yellow and the reds more rusty and last couple of years many of the papers are distressed around the edges. Basic Gray is a good company and I do like K&Company too. Martha Stewart has some beautiful decorative papers. I recently bought a black and white paper stack from and it was very reasonable.

    I would suggest you check out scrapbooking sources for decorative paper. There are so many to choose from.

    Your studio is fabulous, bright and warm to welcome all who come to play, sorry it isn't me.


  8. Good cards, even though you aren't completely happy. Now, I should be a better card maker...after college I worked for Stampin' Up for awhile doing home parties...I still think their paper is my favorite. I still have some and envelopes and I love the quality and sturdiness. I promise to pop some in the mail to you this week or next. I'll see what else I have too. I should dig thru my garage too and see what I have. Early christmas for Donna? :0)