November 3, 2011

* Thank you my Lovely's ...

Oh, you are all so wonderful.  Thanks for all the information that came through your comments and your e-mails.  I am well armed with the proper facts to now order some good quality card stock and all your suggestions for paper are so appreciated.  I am getting the hang of this.

I don't have much exciting news to share with you today.  I've actually been feeling a little emotionally off kilter, which I am told is perfectly normal after surgery.  It is somewhat disconcerting though.  Allyson is coming back for a few visits to put things right and give me some much needed TLC.  She came for a couple of hours today, went grocery shopping and left me with some wonderful made from scratch polenta, fresh chicken salad, pita bread, and made from scratch vegetable broth.

I did make an attempt to create in the studio, but to no avail.  A while ago, I attempted to make a hand made journal with chip board covers.  It was raining that day and I used some glue made in Mexico which is suspect.  Too much water in it I think.

Anyway, the entire project turned into a bit of a disaster.  When I punched the holes for binding with the all, the paper sort of shreaded, the holes got distorted and the binding looks terrible.  When I made the covers, I used the suspect glue, which left the covers warped even though I left it sitting over night under heavy books.  Ah well.  It was going to be part of the giveaway, however I have shelved it for private use at a later date.  At the time, I liked my choice of paper.  When it was finished, I wondered what I had been thinking.  It was one of those projects you just want to finish and move on from.  So I did.

I'll show you the photographs though.

That's it for today.  Perhaps my muse will show up a little later and we can play.  Thanks for all your help.  You are such very lovely ladies and I am honoured to have you in my life.  xxoo  Donna

Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself, and know that everything in life has purpose. There are no mistakes, no coincidences, all events are blessings given to us to learn from.
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross


  1. Hi Donna, Thinking of you feeling a bit blah. Just do something that pleases you, even if it is just sitting looking at those delicious colours of your tudio.

    I read the comments about the cardstock etc. Lovely ladies, hope you get some good bargains from the sites they gave you.

    Take care, Sending you vibes of peace and happiness

  2. Hi Donna, sorry you are not feeling so well, and hope today will be easier. Glad Alyson came and looked after you. The album you made looks okay from the photos, are you making it worse than it is? I always use glue sticks when I cover the chipboard covers if I am using paper, and mod-podge when using tissue. Take care, hugs, Valerie

  3. I like it! Love those embelishments. :) Have a fun weekend!

  4. Hoi Donna.I hope that you will feeling better soon. The album you made looks very good to me.
    I love the sentiment you wrote from Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. I have read some of her books.I couldn't stop reading.And oll the lessons to be me. Indeed we must learn from all the events in our lives. Not alwaus easy but required.
    Have a nice weekend and lovely greet

  5. Hi Donna firstly thankyouy for your lovely lovely cooments you always make my day even if you do exaggerate but don't stop I love it.! Sorry to hear your not feeling your best but it is to be expected so don't rush it. Your muse most probably thinks you need a little rest so take advantage of it. As I write this I am curled up with the mutts Rosie and bailey with terrible tooth ache and am ignoring my messy desk.
    Enjoy your weekend whatever it brings.


  6. From my view, your book looks great.

    It just takes time to get back to your regular schedule and creativity after major surgery.

  7. Donna, your book is gorgeous; love the paper you used. We are just too hard on ourselves.

    Hope you are feeling better today. We change our clocks back an hour this weekend so I was practicing and didn't get up until after 10. Thus my day is off to a very slow start. YIKES.


  8. Well now, I like it! Who could see the flaws you mention when they're looking at that lively row of fiber-clad buttons marching across the cover? Hope you feel better.. you really have made great progress and the studio is looking smashing. And the butterfly cards from yesterday... beauty on the wing. I'm no help in the paper department as I'm a beginner... but I read the comments for guidance too.

  9. Well it certainly looks great to me!!! Hope you are feeling better and that you are getting all of the TLC you need. Sending you hugs:)