December 8, 2011

* Need a little Christmas, Right this Very Minute

I don't know what it is this holiday season.  I'm missing every Christmas I ever had, and every person I've ever loved dearly.  Actually, I think it's because I'm not feeling so hot. When I don't feel so well physically, my mind tends to drift to the really happy times in my life.  This is in some ways a good thing, however, it also offers a touch of melancholy as I know those times will never return.  HOWEVER, I wouldn't change those times for anything.  They were absolutely spectacular.    Do you find that as well?   So today, I went out and got myself a few decorations, strung up some lights and created a little atmosphere.  Since my computer crashed, I don't have any Christmas music left, so I will go to itunes and choose a CD.  Does anyone have any good recommendations regarding Christmas music.  Since I lost my collection, I'm at quite a loss as to where to begin again.

Habibi and I are at this moment curled up in bed, enjoying the lights and knowing things will be better.  .... and better.

I have some small origami red cranes, which of course are very good luck, which I will nest in the trees.
Thanks for stopping by.  You are all doing some amazing things on your blogs!  xxoo Donna

The following quote is so near and dear to my heart.  A dear friend of mine, from college days, share a reading from the Pickwick Papers every year.  It includes this passage.

Happy, happy Christmas, that can win us back to the delusions of our childish days; that can recall to the old man the pleasures of his youth; that can transport the sailor and the traveler, thousands of miles away, back to his own fire-side and his quiet home!  ~Charles Dickens, The Pickwick Papers, 1836


  1. Your decorations look lovely, sorry Christmas makes you melancholy though! I know what you mean about thinking of days past, sometimes hard to avoid. Have a great day, and take care of yourself, Valerie

  2. Days past can bring on a melancholy at this time of year, especially when you are not feeling the best.

    I wish I was close enough to give you a hug, a laugh and an ear. Peace be with you. love randomrose xx

  3. That's a lovely decor you made. :) We never really listened to christmas songs other what came through MTV. :) Sad I know. Hope you feel better soon. Say hi to Habibi for me. :)

  4. Christmas is deep and full of memories, love, loss, blinking lights and miracles...we have to keep them all in our hearts together...making Christmas art is bringing me comfort this year as I experience all of those things...xo

  5. Hi Donna sorry to hear you are feeling low. I too yearn for Christmases gone by never to return our memories I believe are our most treasured possessions and we are lucky that we at least have good times to remember. I love your lovely Christmas scene all sparkly and bright. Hope you are feeling in the pink soon.

    Take care


  6. Good that you got out for a bit ~ always good to bring in some xmas cheer. No matter our situation there are always those melancholy times especially around holidays. We just have to try and not spend too much effort in that direction. It's pull can be a force sometimes. Hang some of those beautiful xmas cards on those tree and call it a day. I always listen to a CD by a little know artist Gypsy Soul - she has a beautiful xmas cd that I love. Try this one.

  7. I think Holidays are hard when you are alone. I so understand that. I just hope you can look pass the negatives and know that you have a lot of people who are sending you positive energy and wishing you good things.

  8. dear donna, I think you are doing just as you need to: finding what makes you feel better when you are not quite up to par. I would definitely concentrate on what makes you feel good right now!

    As for christmas music, this website might help: christmas I just took a quick peek and under traditional somgs heard Elvis Presly singing blue christmas via a You Tube video! Hope that helps!! xoxo

  9. Donna, try this site. Their music is so varied and beautiful for Christmas! You can listen to some snippets and decide what you like. They are one of my favorites for Christmas music:

    Hope this lifts your spirits--and don't fall asleep with the candles burning!


  10. Love the quote, and your lights and arrangement are so very pleasing. The red cranes will had a lovely bright spot. Christmas music... I just read recently that Manheim Steamroller has the most popular Christmas titles. I need to look into getting one myself. I lost a lot with my recent computer crash, but the music and audio books were still there, thankfully.

  11. Donna, I can totally understand what you are saying.... you gave up a lot to move so far from familiar territory and start a new life! It's been wonderful in so many ways, but the past creeps up from time to time and the holidays are a very vulnerable time for that. I love that you are moving forward and creating your own holiday spirit!!

    As far as music, I have a mixed playlist that contains holiday selections from artists I like anyway, like Enya and Nicholas Gunn. Pretty much every musician now has their holiday album it seems!

    Hang in there - hope all these happy messages help to make you feel a little better!!

  12. Hi Donna, I'm with you; had to put up some decorations in the house today. Jim and I were saying that Christmas when the kids were little were some of the best times as well as when we were children waiting for St. Nick to bring a surprise or two. Memories make life more bearable especially when we aren't feeling at one hundred percent.

    Sorry you lost your holiday music leaving you with a new project to find replacements which will help pass the time until you feel a lot better.

    I hope you are able to get out again tomorrow just to say hello to those you pass on the street and to feel the joy of the season.

    Take care.

    Big Bear Hugs,


  13. Hi sweetie :d Sorry your feeling a bit down. It seems a lot of us are a bit melancholy this year. I've been playing Annie Lennox Christmas cd she brought out last year, it's called A Christmas Cornucopia, and is an eclectic mix of old seasonal songs.
    Hope your life is filled with seasonal cheer soon :D XXX

  14. Donna, you inspire me. I love your artwork, your bright red hair, your smile, your photos, your wonderfully positive view of life, your courage, your house and life full of vivid colour.

    I'm singing carols right this minute for you.
    xxx Sue in Greece

  15. you can never go wrong with a Charlie Brown Christmas by Vince
    Guarldi. I hope your trip to the post office finds your box runneth over...
    hugs, Kelly