December 29, 2011

* They have arrived .....

Spent a busy day yesterday doing last minute errands etc. for Kathleen and Ivan's visit.  They will be here with us for a few days until their rental house is ready.  It was one of those days when nothing went quite according to plan ... hairdresser had a little note on her door she was on holiday, the mail I was expecting is nowhere to be found (nothing new there), Habibi choked on his food he was so excited and his throat went into some sort of spasms which made it hard to breathe, and after I was dressed, I decided to fix the logs in the fireplace ... well .... SOOT from one end of me to the other.  I had no idea that stuff was so hard to get off!

Habibi snuggled in the sheepskin 'waiting'.
  Anyway, after a few mishaps on this end, they arrived after smooth sailing, about 11:00 pm.  First order of the day was to 'get comfortable', so here's a darling photo of Kathleen coming into the living room with her nightie on.  We drank champagne and ate brie until 2:30 am.  Nice!  Very very nice!

Terrible quality photograph, but too 'cute' not to publish.  

Oh so fabulous to have them here. 

Good Friends:  "“We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.  After that we are there for each other, no matter what.”  (I thought that was sort of a cool definition and in many ways very true.)


  1. Have a great time with your friends. Hello Kathleen and Ivan.
    I just know they will have a ball there with you. Don't forget to show them your new goddess in her lace and jewels. love randomrose xx

  2. After getting through the mishaps, this is wonderful, donna! enjoy their visit! hugs to habibi.

  3. Good morning Donna, and thank you for sharing the very cute photos of your company - I'm smiling as I think of you all together cozy. And that quote on weirdness and love is the BEST!

  4. Your friends look right at home in your cozy looking place and Habibi looks comfortable too. Have fun with your friends.

  5. I'm thrilled and so happy Kathleen and Ivan arrived safely. You will enjoy their company so much.

    Angels around us!


  6. So glad you have company - have a great time with them! xoxo

  7. Well after a challenging start, it looks as if everything fell into place. A comfortable scene, and I see Habibi needed to rest up from his ordeal. Thankfully he didn't get covered with soot, too!

  8. Glad you are enjoying your company. It looks really cozy there by the fire, and Habibi has, as usual, made the best of the situation! Enjoy your time together, and hope the soot has been washed off by now! Hugs, Valerie

  9. It's those little mishaps that make the event even more special when it happens. :) Happy, Happy, Happy New Year Donna! :)I'm so glad that I have found you and your goddesses this year. Wishing you all the best in 2012!:)

  10. Dear Donna, have a great time with Kathleen and Ivan. And thanks for your visit at my blog.
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    I also thank you that you are part of my blog and wish you a healthy, warm,love and creative 2012. I love your visits and lovely words on my blog very much.
    Take care and lovely greet

  11. Oh Donna so many disasters but your true spirit and positivity one through ! Brie and chambers eh and you didn't invite me !!!!! Great photo of your friends , love the nightie . Have a great time , drink, eat and chat and relax you deserve good times with good friends. Love your quotation at the bottom so true!!