January 1, 2012

* Another huge Feast ...

How many huge meals can one consume?!  We seem to be doing pretty well at it.  Actually all of us were absolutely whacked today.  Had to nap, and we are all still tired.  Not like the good old days .. ha ha.

We did, however, manage to consume another huge delicious meal, after which we cleaned up and have now taken to our beds!  I'm not sure what's happening to me, however, I have been thoroughly enjoying cooking.  There has been a long absence of the 'joy of cooking' in my life, so it feels good.

Habibi receiving some serious lovin' from Aunty Kathleen.
"Big Bird".  A huge gorgeous chicken from the local butcher.

Everything ready to serve.  Chicken with dressing, scallop potatoes, fresh carrots and shelled peas in cream, oh and a marinated cucumber and tomato salad you cannot see.  Yes, we were little pigs.

 I had a good look to see what was wrong with my camera last night.  I knew the flash wasn't working, but didn't know why, so I was not getting enough light.  I had loaned the camera out, and the flash had been turned off, which of course I never do, so I didn't have a clue .... anyway, it's all back to normal now for which I'm very grateful.  I have such fun with that camera I would miss her terribly.

Hope you all had a great day yesterday, and another again today.  Thanks for all your lovely New Year's wishes, and thanks for dropping by today.

"People become really quite remarkable when they start
thinking that they can do things. When they believe in
themselves they have the first secret of success."
~Norman Vincent Peale~


  1. I am so glad your camera was o.k. I know what it is like when things go wrong with our cameras.

    What a delicious meal you cooked. I must say your'muse' is coming back in all directions...2012 is look just great for you. love randomrose xx

  2. Looks great - I feel hungry just looking at it! Glad you are having such a good time with your friends! Hugs, Valerie

  3. I'm drooling, Donna! Your meal looks devine.

  4. Looks like you're having loads of fun these days. :) Enjoy your food. Looks delicious.:)

  5. Yum! The entire meal looks sumptuous, but for some reason those peas and carrots are especially appealing. Glad you enjoyed.


    I am thinking back to last year, and I remember how you were starting this journey...so good to look back at the older posts.

    Delicious food...love the chicken especially; great friends, and a blog to show it off, lol.

    Thinking of you always, and hoping that 2012 will give you all that you wish for.

  7. Cooking is just as creative as painting, isn't it? I have scones in the oven right now! Smiles,Jane

  8. What a wonderful time you had with your friends. The meal looks amazing! Here's wishing you a Happy New Year with lots of happiness, joy, laughter and art! take care, gerri

  9. What a feast !!!!! I am drooling and that is not a nice thing for a woman of my age.