January 26, 2012

* Camera Report ...

OMG, whoever thought I would be reporting on the whereabouts of my camera on order!!  It has definitely become an extension of me and I am definitely longing for reconnection!  So ...

Wait for  it ....

Right!  This is Mexico!  It's not here yet.  ... Alas and Alak!  However, it definitely is in Laredo, Texas as of yesterday.  There is definitely a good (well at least half way decent) chance it might be here by Saturday.  For an extra $25.00 US I could have guaranteed it would be here by Saturday, but somehow I'm sick of paying to speed things up.  After all it's free for me to slow down a little!  HA!

There is probably a better half way decent chance it will be here by next week sometime.  Yes, I am reminding myself it's free for me to slow down and .... b r e a t h e!

I've just come home from a dinner party at Miss Sylvias.  Spectacular as usual, however without a camera, how am I supposed to share that spectaularedness (??) with you!  Frustrating. 

OK!  So goodnight with no photographs ... hopefully soon.  I've done some work on my journals as well which I will share when you know who gets here. 

Take care.  Thanks for stopping by.  xxooDonna

 Waiting for the spark from heaven to fall.   (Also waiting for my camera to arrive in San Miguel - I wonder which will arrive first?)


  1. It will come Donna - be patient!! So glad you had a good time at Sylvia's, and I am doing some thought transference from here to Laredo, and willing them to bring you your precious camera - hope it works!! Hugs, Valerie

  2. We're all deprived of eye candy because the camera is taking a nap in Texas. :)) I'm looking forward to catching up when she's finally with you. :) It must be a she. :)

  3. hmmmm, what did miss Sylvia serve at this luscious dinner party in the mysterious (to me) Mexico?? You have me curious now, donna : )
    About your camera. I think a journal spread about how much you have now learned that you LOVE and use your camera could be a great way to document this experience! Make the best of it so to speak. Take it into the present if you know what I mean. Doing that always, always helps me. Love that quote you shared too!
    xoxoxo Miss Lenna :))

  4. Oh, boy, I am sensing camera-withdrawal.... (can you use your phone??) I have had mine in the shop twice in the last year and I know what you mean. Feels like part of you is missing! Good thing you happen to be really good with words!!

  5. Well, we will definitely have some catching up to do when that camera finally arrives! You will really appreciate it all the more for the wait. A patience lesson you did not seek.

  6. It will be all the more special when it arrives, Then its time to Play!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you that its their Saturday!
    Hugs Lynn

  7. No cell camera? LOL, that's okay. I don't Twitter...I like to say, atleast I'm not a Twit. LOL Patience, Grasshopper. We'll still be here! xoxo

  8. Yes, breath, it's almost there :)