January 9, 2012

* Farewell 2011, Welcome Fair 2012

My Book of Days is coming along.  I began the regular posts today, and also worked on the farewell to 2011 and welcome to 2012.  I was in my "Elizabethan" mood, thus the wording on the hearts.  When I wrote the greeting for 2012, I felt I should welcome her as a fair year.  It's like a person, when you first meet them, everything about them is fair because we do not know what is yet to come.   As we get to know each other, little kinks and quirks turn up in all of us, we accept them - they make us human.  As with the year - I am greeting her as 'fair' until she reveals herself for whom she truly is ... some good .... some not so good, but on the whole an interesting and uplifting experience.

Letters will be written to both years.  2011 I have much to let go of and release.  I think it will be good therapy.  2012, I will greet as fair, because as yet she is unknown.  I will tell her what I am willing to receive from her this year.  I am making a 'secret pocket' where hopes and dreams can be kept as they arise. 

That's all I know for today.  Hope this finds you well and happy.  Take care.  xxoo  Donna

All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.
- Havelock Ellis


  1. Fabulous pages, Donna. There are so many that want to let go of 2011 with hope for happiness and good health in 2012.

    Your journals have been a joy to read and follow and this one will be especially rewarding.


  2. Lovely papers and pages Donna! Good idea letting go of 2011! Hugs, Valerie

  3. Gorgeous, Donna! This is a fabulous idea and I love those pockets. :)

  4. I love how you use the words "Fare" and "Fair"...such good open-hearted thoughts...jane

  5. I love you pages and your thinking . I have erased 2011 from my memory am starting afresh out with the old and all that !


  6. Your journal looks amazing Donna! I can see already your going to have some real fun with this project :D XXX

  7. "That's all I know today" --I'd say You know a lot! great post Donna and thanks for your sweet note on my blog. Lovely day to you, lenna

  8. I look forward to seeing all your work in this book and a fresh start is always good for all of us. I like how you are putting your inner thoughts into the pockets.