January 6, 2012

* Finally ...

Getting some time to photograph and share all the wonderful mail which has been landing on my doorstop throughout the holiday season.  So much fun.  Here goes ... it's a photo essay ...

My neighbour, Wendy, does these fantastic miniature paintings. 

Hand stitched from Kelly, a good mail day friend.

Hand made by CAROLYN.  Just like a stained glass window!

My dear friend in Canada, Diane's distinctive style.

Collage card by Jane.  I love her style.
CAROLYN made these beautiful golden houses from scratch.  I felt so fortunate to receive one.  It will inspire me the whole year through.  A place to go and dream. 

This shot was taken by LENNA and made into a beautiful post card.  Gratitude dancing on the beach.  How fabulous.

Christmas post card from my good mail day friend, Kelly.

Kelly knows how I love the Greek Islands.  This is a great mail art envelope - also dig the earrings!

A Christmas ornament especially painted with Habibi's portrait!  Isn't it fabulous.  Also, a real wish bone, for me to make a New Year's wish.  Also from my dear Kelly.

From another mail art friend, Millicent.  She found these gorgeous little tins of cookies.  Let the kidlets eat all the cookies.

Made them into mail art and sent them out! ...

... stuffed with lots of little arty goodies.  Just adore this idea.  She added a gold elastic to the tin so it could be used as an ornament.

Lots of love mail art from LENNA.

From my mail art friend in Canada ... Colleen.

Full of things she knows I love, hand preserved maple leaves, Royal goodies and a recipe for a great cocktail.

From Kelly, a hand made 'bin' which folds flat and pops up into a square.  I'm using it for unanswered mail.  I WANT THE PATTERN.  Isn't it cool?

A great mail art envelope from Millicent.

I also received this fabulous book from CAROLYN.  She knows I love Frida.

My winnings from NANCY.  I adore this magazine.  It was part of a very generous giveaway.  thanks Nancy!

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the goodies I have received.  People are so wonderful and I adore hand made things.  Thank you everyone.  You do bring smiles to my face!  Thanks for stopping in.  Have a great day.  xxoo  Donna

It took me a very long time to learn what the quote below has to say.  I think it's important.

"Gracious acceptance is an art - an art which
most never bother to cultivate. We think that we have
to learn how to give, but we forget about accepting
things, which can be much harder than giving...
Accepting another person's gift is allowing
to express his feelings for you."
- Alexander McCall Smith


  1. Wow, there were lots of different cards and presents, and all soooo pretty. Enjoy having them round you! My envelope from Germany doesn't seem to have arrived yet, pity! Have a lovely day, and take care! Hugs, Valerie

  2. I agree that it truly is an "art" to know how to receive. I am so glad to see the beautiful pieces of artwork that your friends are sending to you. I know I enjoy receiving works of art a lot and look at them thinking about how much love was put into them while they made it to send to me.

  3. How wonderful to be remembered by so many. You are well loved by your blogger friends, and it appears Christmas will continue when your mail service catches up.

    Have a great week...a nap or two and art in your studio.


  4. OMG what an enormous piles of goodness you have received, Donna!

  5. Donna, I loved seeing all of your handmade Christmas wishes, and feel honored to have mine in your stash as well...now I'm inspired to start my next project! xo Jane

  6. Wow! You got a treasure trove of wonderful things. Habibi's ornament is wonderful. I like those earrings on the mail art, too! This was a feast for the eyes.

  7. wow, that was a heap of great mail. Such a creative mix from a group of creative gals! And, yes, I want the pattern for that little bin. Perfect, and such a cute pattern!

  8. Wahhh! Such loveliness !!!!!!Beautiful treats and cards but my favourite has to be your little doglett what a lovely thought and a great likeness I might add. You are so loved Donna all of these lovely people took time out to send you such beautiful wishes ! BTW the dogletts did not stir during the quake the lazy buggers !!