January 2, 2012

* Showered with gifts ...

Naturally, Kathleen and Ivan's presence is the biggest present (pun intended) .. ha ha .. however, on New Year's Eve we were overwhelmed and delighted with the generosity and love of true friendship, and gifts galore.

As you know, Habibi has a terrible time tolerating the rainy season thunder storms as well as the fireworks which are very much a part of this culture.  He was presented with a "Thunder Coat".  I don't have a photo of it on his yet as is needs a little adjustment, however it is a hot new item for pets.  It's a beautiful soft coat which fits Habibi's body snugly, fastens with velcro allowing him to feel secure and I'm sure in many ways like he is being 'held'.  Very cool and with another strip of magic fastener it will fit him perfectly. 

I received a magical bag which I adore, fabulous  CD's, incense, which I find difficult to find here and incense holders which are impossible to find here. 

Look at that beading!  ... and the colours.  I am absolutely in love.

The last gift blew me away.  I cannot and will not explain it.  It was a type of miracle which I am more or less still processing.  I did a double journal spread about it today.  For me, it's about acceptance and gratefulness and pure light.  I am in many ways still processing. 

It felt good to be back in my Studio today ... can't go too long without creating!  Thanks for dropping in.  Take care ... see you soon.  xxoo  Donna

"The sage never tries to store things up. The more he does for others, the more he has. The more he gives to others, the greater his abundance."
Lao Tzu


  1. Sounds like you have really been given abundance, especially of happiness. May it continue for 2012! Hugs,

  2. Sounds like useful thoughtful gifts, Donna! Love that beaded purse. My little, Grizz, has a rain coat and winter coat that he LOVES to wear in the weather :)

  3. Stunning Purse Donna, and your journal pages are always so beautiful :D XXX

  4. Beautiful gifts and those presented with love and accepted with love are the most wonderful of all. I'm thrilled for all three of you.


  5. I hope 2012 continues to Bless you and Habibi with love from friends and family and an abundance of wonderful gifts such as the beautiful purse and Habibi's new coat..... I love your journal pages.

  6. What a lovely beaded bag. Happy New Year. blessings Barb

  7. Gorgeous purse! Lovely journal spread. And a thunder coat... what a concept! I think I did read something about them at one time. It was cold here today, and Jesse went out with his coat on, but managed to roll himself out of it on the lawn!

  8. Donna it is so lovely to hear the happiness in your writing I can feel you smile ! Such beautiful gifts , you are such a wonderful kind and generous spirit that you deserve only the best. I am so happy for you and Habbibi