February 5, 2012

* Walk About ...

A few photographs from around town.  We are currently celebrating 'Candlearia" - a celebration of the coming of spring.  Vendors from far and near bring their wares to Parque Warez to sell.  A great time to purchase plants at great prices.  These are Kathleen's photographs.

Our Lady of Guadalupe alter in 'the hood'
Interesting building near the market.
Walk at the edge of town.

Our Shaman at the Artisans fair.

AHHH!  The Babies!  Aren't they absolutely gorgeous!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.  I've currently got the flu -- hope it doesn't last long!  Take care and thanks for dropping by.  xxoo  Donna

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  1. sorry to hear you are not well, donna and hoping you are feeling better. The photos are beautiful. Look at all those pots and plants! Thanks for sharing, lenna

  2. Donna, hope you feel better in the morning. Kathleen's photos were wonderful. The greenery is always delicious but my favorites were the colorful pottery and the burros. What fun to travel along with you and your friends.


  3. What lovely pictures, the plant fair looks fabulous. Love those little donkeys, too! Get well soon, and take care of yourself! Hugs, Valerie

  4. Donna, loved the "online visit" to your Art Mart...take care of yourself! xo jane

  5. AWESOME pictures, Donna! Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Hope you feel better soon Donna. Love all your colorful pictures.....that's one nice thing about Mexico, it is so full of color.

  7. dear Donna,
    do feel better...The phots are wonderful...I have so many favorites. I adore the interesting building near the market one! do take care, gerri

  8. Ahh, my kind of place! Did you put the little burro's in there for me!! :) Get rid of that flu bug and feel better soon - you've got crafting to do lady!

  9. I wish I could fly down tomorrow and visit!

  10. I love it when you share photos of your town, I love the colour and the people such beauty.