March 15, 2012

Moon Goddess Spirit Doll ...

Guardian of Creativity
A dear friend of mine is creating an alter.  I wanted to contribute something special.  She's a writer and a painter.  Talent oooozes from her fingernails if you know what I mean.  As with all of us (artists that is) she's not always able to honour, own and express these gifts freely.  Like so many of us, the belief system in her talent breaks down.  We all seem to need help in that department.

I created Moon Goddess, Guardian of Creativity.  This Goddess honours, protects and celebrates the gifts artists  have been given.  Constructed with powerful talismans, blessed with secret powers, she has gone to live with my friend, to be the sacred guardian of her artistic gifts, keep them safe and encourage their growth.

Thanks for stopping by.  Again ... I'll get around to visit soon.  Take care.  xxoo  Donna

”It may be that when we no longer know what to do, we have come to our real work, and when we no longer know which way to go, we have begun our real journey.” ~Wendell Berry


  1. Oooooooooooh, she is wonderful Donna. Love, love, love her. I hope your friend will treasure her, and be inspired by her! Have a good day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Oh my you are so tactile-y gifted! What can you NOT do with fabrics? A century ago, I set your ears burning with a request on my blog I know why I never heard from you. You have been very busy creating! Anyway, would love your ideas on my latest topic (Frida), if you get a chance. xoxo

    P.S. - oh, and what is that bright colorful Mexican painting style called? Does it have a name? Folkloric, maybe?

  3. What a generous and meaningful gift, Donna. I know that a friend's faith in one's art is an amazing gift! Moon Goddess ~ shine on ! Jane

  4. Donna What a beautiful gift for your friend. no doubt it will look wonderful in her shrine.
    A lucky lady to have a friend like you.
    Hugs Lynn

  5. That is so sweet of you and it makes a fantastic gift. :)

  6. Ahhhh what a treasure! You create some vry artistic projects yourself and it is fun to anticipate what will appear on your bloog next.


  7. The fibers and charms you used are so, so appealing!! And the prayer flags you completed are lovely, too. You sure keep busy with such an amazing variety of endeavors. Had to laugh at your "you hooked me" comment about the fish!

  8. OMG, what a GORGEOUS creation, Donna!

  9. BEAUTIFUL doll!
    Thank you for sharing your talents :]
    What an incredible creation, love her!!

  10. Oh- Donna - what a very special and personal gift you have given your friend with so much love and thought put into it. Wonderful!!

  11. what a gorgeous, thoughtful, full of love gift, Donna. I am impressed by the thought that went into this. I think it is perfect and she will love it!

    Don't fret if you are busy and do not get around to visiting for a while . . . please do what works best for you! I will not worry and will come and find you here if need be!!
    enjoy your spring . . . xo lenna

  12. She is wonderful Donna. What a great art work and a beautiful gift for your friend. I love it.
    Warm greet

  13. This is amazing Donna...her spirt and power is breath taking! take care, gerri

  14. Amazing ! What a fabulous creation and will be an amazing addition to her shrine. Love her hair !!!