June 27, 2012

* Painting Complete - I think .....

She won't disclose her real name.  She tells me this one "Guardian of the Night" is a trick name and she wants me to guess.  We obviously will have to have chats.  I completed her with jewels as requested.  Some vintage garnets which I strung together and put bead caps on.  Two vintage brass scarabs hold them to her head piece. In ancient Egypt scarabs were used as a talisman and a symbol of the soul.  A small crown encrusted with rhinestones grace the ear which is visible.  The bells she requested around the lambs neck are East Indian dancing bells, the kind they wear on their wrists and ankles. 

Here she is "Who Knows Her Name" ... lol

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments and concerns.  Little by little, I will be back.  It will take some time to get back to my normal pace.  xxoo Donna

“What you seek is seeking you.”
― Rumi

June 24, 2012

Guardian of the Night

Almost complete.  I really got inspired today and couldn't put my paintbrush down.  It was hard to get started, I felt so flat, but once I got going I couldn't stop.  She has confided her name which is "Guardian of the Night".  She wants jewelry and real earrings and bells on the lamb.  That's for tomorrow.  For now, here's where we are.

The bird is not complete, and of course, the jewelry is not attached - perhaps tomorrow.

Thanks for all your wonderful comments, and your e-mails - so good to hear from you.  It seems like it would be an easy thing to go 'round and visit each one of you leaving comments - but somehow it's not.  I can hardly do what I'm doing - so a little more patience would be so appreciated.

Thank you so much for your loving support.  It means the world.  I don't have the energy to look for a quote tonight - so please bear with me for a little while longer.  Take care.  xxoo Donna

June 20, 2012

* Lost Blogger Found ....

Before anything else I want to say a heart felt thank you to all of you who emailed, sent cards and letters, phoned and sent gifts.  It certainly kept my spirits up even though it didn't seem to help me be able to actually do anything.

I've missed you all, and to those I was unable to answer, I'm so sorry.  The energy just simply wasn't there.  It was like someone pulled the plug and drained all the water out.

I've been trying to keep myself amused with "Book of Days" which has been good, because it's smaller pages.  This week, however, I had the urge to paint on the BIG painting --- YEAH.  I made quite a bit of progress this week, but get tired so quickly.  Habibi and I do a lot of napping.

Won't be blogging almost daily like I used to, but in the beginning I'm hoping to be able to get something on the page once in a while.  I'll also try and get around to see you all in the next couple of days/weeks/months/ (who knows for sure). :o) I've surely missed you LOTS.

So, here's what I'm working on at the moment.  Not a very good photo, I couldn't get the light right.  Still lots of work to be done.  She has hardly spoken to me at all.  Told me there was to be a lamb in her arms and something muttered about 'mysteries of the night'.  Other than that - I know nothing!

Thanks so much for sticking it out with me.  Thanks for dropping by and most of all for caring.  You have become true friends.

 Kahlil Gibran
Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity.