August 10, 2012

* The Adventure Continues

Had some time today to continue working with my Angel painting.  I did their faces.  Having never painted small faces before, it's been a day of mostly laughing as their expressions emerge with no help from me!  A lot of detail work still to do.  This should make you smile.

"The Gathering"

Closer up so you can see their expressions.  The little one on the right looks like he's never been exposed to anything like this before.  I love his 'scared' expression. 

That's it for today.  Take care of yourselves and your families.  LOVE, and this moment - that's all we've got.  Cherish it.  xoxo Donna

“Except to heaven, she is nought; Except for angels, lone; Except to some wide-wandering bee, A flower superfluous blown; Except for winds, provincial; Except by butterflies, Unnoticed as a single dew That on the acre lies”


  1. The angels are all smiling at you, Donna. It must be hard to paint so many faces all at once. I admire your talent.

    We had the restoration team here today to pull carpets and dry the subfloors. FANS RUNNING TO DRIVE US NUTS and I'm already there after a summer from h.....


  2. I love your smiling angels, and that each one has its own character! Great! Hugs, Valerie

  3. They have faces now, stunning work, Donna!

  4. Nothing better than having Angels all around guide and protect you. The painting is wonderful.

  5. What a delight Donna, Such fun expressions!
    Have you ever heard of John August Swanson? I have to do a dining room this week to match his style, Should be interesting. LOL
    hugs Lynn