August 8, 2012

* A little adventure ...

I have always been connected to my angels and guides in some way.  During some parts of my life it has been stronger and or course sometimes it all gets lost in the chaos I allow.

An interesting course became available for an unbelievable price so I signed up.  "Angels in my Studio" with Sheri Ann Ponzi.  I signed up half way through, so am still getting caught up.  Yesterday I did my first guided meditation to connect with the angels.  Being a hypnotherapist myself it didn't take me long to go into a very deep level of consciousness and when I came out of it at the end, I really didn't remember much.

Last night (in the middle of) an image came to me for a painting.  (Painting is part of the course).  I began working on it today.  The image I saw went like this ... I am walking in the forest and come upon a door.  The light is so bright, even though the door is closed, the light filters through the cracks in the old door and allows beautiful shafts to escape into the trees.

I open the door.  Inside the bright room stand huge angels.  They are the archangels, which I am not that familiar with.  When I entered they approached me slowly and with great love, embracing me with their wings.  I felt very small.  They were dressed in bright clothing which was embroidered like the native dress of Mexico further south.  I had the distinct impression they had done this to honour me, as they knew I loved it.

The story will continue as it happens.  Today, I began the painting as I envisioned it.

You can hardly see the heads - just sketched in.

So good to be back blogging, even if it's not every day.  I'm loving this painting so much - it has a feel about it.  I guess because in a way 'I was there'.  

Thanks for dropping in and for all your kind and loving support.  What would I do without you.  xoxo  Donna

“When angels visit us, we do not hear the rustle of wings, nor feel the feathery touch of the breast of a dove; but we know their presence by the love they create in our hearts.”


  1. Donna, this is truly BEAUTIFUL! Welcome back!

  2. Beautiful painting, and a wonderful dream. Enjoy your course, hope it does you good! Hugs, Valerie

  3. Wow! I'm loving it already! I bet you flew out of bed so you wouldn't miss a thing. Can't wait to see how it progresses. Love the angels. Someday when we are drinking sangria on the porch I'll share my story of my guardian angel who I saw. :)

  4. Well...what a vision. Beautiful.

  5. This is just wonderful Donna. It is so good to see you on your blog more often now with your beautiful paintings.

  6. wow! I love it! I love the dream. Thank you.L Donna

  7. Oh my...what a wonderful vision to enjoy! This is already a very powerful image...the finished piece is going to be magnificent :D XXX

  8. Oh, how super fabulous, Donna!! I am envious that you can have an image in your head and then just create it... but happy that we get to share in that magic!!

  9. WOW, Donna, this is going to be a very special painting. I love angels of all kinds.


  10. Enjoyed following this backwards thru yr posts...Glad to see you posting again my friend. t/c, gerri