August 20, 2012

* My Experience of Greeting the Angels

My experience with the arrival of the Angels. Approximately two hours before their arrival I began to notice a difference in my own energy. I was absolutely bursting with not only excitement and anticipation, but some other stronger form of good energy which filled every cell of my being. It honestly felt like I might burst or pop. I couldn't settle to do anything to take my mind off of it, so I decided to have a long hot shower, just sitting on the bench quietly letting the hot water flow over my body. While engaging my senses is that experience I received the following message: "We were with you when you were born and we will be with you when you leave this earthly plane. We have met many times before."

 I felt my energy change to a very calm state about 15 minutes before they arrived.  I could feel their energy preceding them - it felt like BIG energy. At the appointed time, I opened the door to the terrace. I welcomed them with open arms like I would welcome someone I have known for a lifetime and loved very much. I felt their energy move me back - I literally stepped back to let their energies pass. All the time I'm talking about how honoured I was to have them with me. I closed the door and realized there was one Angel still outside. I opened the door and let them in. The room felt 'full'. I felt like I was being embraced by one and then another and another while I gave the welcome. I put my arms out to embrace in return, but couldn't feel anything. Odd feeling to have no structure to put your arms around. It took about twenty minutes for the energy in the house to become totally calm and beautiful. They dispersed and the room no longer felt 'packed'. I felt very very settled and more than that the house felt like it was filled with love and pure peace. After I received the first message I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote it down. Today I will begin a journal to record my experiences. It feels like these angels are my 'personal' angels, not Archangels. Perhaps I will know more as time passes this week. I have asked them to talk to me while they are here and give me what they feel is necessary knowledge. We will see what happens. I hope Arlene Holtz and Sarah Cooper will share their experiences with all of you today. Another interesting thing, after they arrived I was typing on the computer --- it had slowed down to a crawl. I was at least a sentence ahead before the words showed up on the screen. I t also typed one sentence twice that I had only typed in once. I'll have to go back and find the words - it was something about trust ... and never to doubt your intuition. I'll find it and post it. 
My experience last night with the angels. In the post I just wrote I talked about a sentence I typed into the computer once and when I looked at the screen it was there twice. I was talking about intuition and how sometimes I can doubt it. The next sentence I typed was "never doubt - you are always correct". I only typed that sentence once.  It appeared twice! Very interesting don't you think?
 Even if you don't believe - you have to admit this is cool - or you could consider me a 'nut', whichever you prefer.  Thanks for dropping by.  It's pouring rain in San Miguel - absolutely beautiful.  xoxo Donna
 Angels are students in Heaven and teachers on Earth.


  1. Cool, really cool. Never had such an experience, but perhaps I am just too sceptical to allow it. Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Valerie

  2. I think anything is possible if we only open our heart and mind to it. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience Donna.

  3. Wonderful! Was there a beginning to this experience - where did you hear of it? I'm glad they came and they spoke to you. All we have to do is know there is more to this world then the space we take up. The possibilities are endless.

  4. Donna, I am a real believer in the power of angels. They watch over us and help us make decisions and guide us even though we can't feel or see them. They protect our souls and bring love and joy into our lives. I'm thrilled you invited them into your casa. Your painting over the welcome mantel is one of my favorites. She is so gorgeous with the marvelous eyes that only you can paint. What a difference a day makes! As for your is already beautiful and spotless. I'm so eager to see the changes you make, and I'd give anything to sit and have a glass of wine or cup of tea on the terrace with you.


  5. Oh... I envy you. I feel that I am open to such an experience, but have never had anything close... well, maybe a couple of little things. I'm going to think about those and see where it leads. I love reading about your account!